Alt shift O to create an ASCII.
Alt O to print.

I love that Eclipse can make a pdf. The lastest upgrade included a little piece of software called CutePDF. You just choose CutePDF instead of your printer after hitting Alt O, and it creates the pdf. Simple.

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I made a hyperkey to make my ASCIIs. Love it. And the PDF is the best. You can make full size, minis, indexes all in PDF format.
One of my other favorite things: Hit M to highlight a word, then hit ctrl shift I (that's capital "i"), and it'll bring up a list of Internet sites to look the word up on. Then just hit the first letter (W for Webster's), and it'll open up a browser to the m-w site with that definition. Brilliant!
I'm on the latest dev. version, and I just tried doing it and it doesn't work. What am I missing?
Marla, thanks for posting the M to highlight a work, then hit Ctrl Shift I. I have been using that a lot lately. : )

My other new favorite is w (in hyperkeys) or Ctrl K for word additions and also S in hyperkeys to shave the current word.
Hi, I just recently joined this group. It's Awesome!
I, too, have tried this and it isn't working for me. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.
Donna Crossan :-)

Thanks for that!  I never knew!  Awesome!

Ctrl shift F6 shrinks the steno column
Ctrl shift F7 enlarges the display
Ctrl shift F8 shrinks the display
Alt - (minus) to single space
Alt + (plus) to double space

So much easier than going into User Settings, Display, etc.
Literal case -- keeping a word lowercase after a colon. Shift+Ctrl+C Then uncap the letter. This way the letter won't cap itself when your cursor crosses it again.

Another I like is to make a macro so that when you open Alt-E and have your list of files, your cursor is in the body of the window rather than in the search box. Here's my macro:

Open File
Cmd: Open text

Speed key: STD:Alt+E
Brenda, I really, really, really want to do your macro to get the cursor in the body of the open file box, but I'm stuck. Take me step by step, will ya?
Alt U
Edit tab
Macros button
Then what? I don't see "Open File" in the list. When I click on New and Add Command, I don't see "Open File" in there either. Help!
Then create one.

Macro name: Open file (or text, whatever you prefer)
Cmd: Open text

Assign Alt+E as your speed key (or reassign it)

Then save settings in User Settings.
Brenda, can you apply this to the Ctrl+F+F? I use that all the time and would love if it opened inside the folder instead of on the folder.
I don't know. What does Ctrl+F+F do? I rarely get into file manager, and when I do, it's usually just to back up the job I just wrote to a flash drive. What does the second F do?


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