I work on a case where the Bates numbers have several underscores within them.  Is there a way to global a stroke for the underscore to get it to come out as _?  When I try, all I get is a blank space.  for example 04_3333_5555.72_01 is a Bates number.  



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I use the stroke YUZ to underscore.  This is what it looks like in the dictionary: {^}_{^} is what you global.  This is great for source code or Bates numbers.

When I global my underscore stroke like you show, I always end up with it translating like this:  SFIPA{^ 05{^ 00505.   Where the blank spaces are is where the underline is supposed to be.  That's why I'm asking.  I can't ever get it to come out with an _.  It always shows only a blank space.  I'll look in my metadictionary and see if maybe that's the problem.  

I looked in the metadictionary and there's nothing there regarding the _.  So I don't know what the answer is. 

You have to put blanks.  So it should be as follows

{^}_ _{^}

No space between the underscores.  I just put it in so that you could see that there is two underscores.

Thanks.  Now it worked.  I didn't realize you had to put 2 underscores!  Thanks a bunch!! 

No problem. Glad it worked.


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