I have current tech support and have discussed this issue with them, but they can't seem to help and I was told they have not heard of the problem before.  So I thought I'd ask some actual users and see if anyone has experienced this issue, and if so, if they can tell me whether they were able to fix it or not. 

I have only had this issue since switching to Version 6, which was about a year ago.   I hook up to my laptop at every job.   I sometimes will have another program open that I use during a break, such as my Gmail or Solitaire.   Sometimes I even play Solitaire during an extremely slow/boring deposition.  It helps me concentrate and keeps me awake, believe it or not.   I tell you this not to brag that I'm a real multi-tasker or to embarrass our profession, but so you understand that this problem happens whether I have another program open or not. 

There is no set time (page count, for example) that the problem arises.  It appears to be random.  I write with a Passport connected through a USB cable.  I was using a bluetooth connection and thought that might be the problem, but it happens whether I use bluetooth or the USB cable. 

The problem is this:  Somewhere within the transcript (30 pgs, 70 pgs, 100 pgs - doesn't matter), all of a sudden the realtime feed starts to lag and the lagging becomes worse and worse.  So much so that if I leave the connection running, I could be 10 pgs behind in realtime compared to where we actually are in the depo.  However, my Passport is still keeping up. 

If I close out the job and reopen another realtime file, the lagging begins almost immediately.  In order for the lagging to totally go away, I have to totally exit out of Eclipse to the Windows desktop and then go back into Eclipse.   This happens on almost every job. 

When you're doing realtime feeds to attorneys, it becomes very frustrating, and most of my jobs I have to piece together or pull off the steno machine so that I have a complete transcript. 

I have two computers I have the same issue with.  One is a Windows 8 computer and has 4 gb of RAM (approx 1-1/2 yrs old) and the other is a Windows 7 starter netbook with 1 gb of RAM (approx 2 yrs old).

However, yesterday I "experimented" with my job.  I opened up the Solitaire window and was playing Solitaire (looking at the screen, calculating my moves mostly) and would switch back and forth between Solitaire and Eclispe occasionally (Alt+Tab).   At slightly over 100 pgs, I closed Solitaire down and watched Eclipse solely.  Up to that point I had no issues with lagging.  Since I had not been watching the Eclipse screen that often, I was not using any suggested auto briefs.  Once I switched to using Eclipse and was tried of writing Presbyterian Manor Inc. over and over and over, I started using certain suggested auto briefs.  It seemed like within minutes the lagging started.  So now I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the auto brief feature.   I reopen Solitaire, but that does not seem to affect the lagging - making it slower or non-existent.  So I closed Solitaire again, but the transcript continued to get farther and farther behind.

Any experience, thoughts, ideas as to the problem?   I can't afford to keep buying new hardware, and frankly, I'm so sick of the situation I'm beginning to think I should switch software.



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Thanks.  That's been my conclusion is it's a problem with 6.  I had zero problems in 5.  Had the internet and Solitaire up - both - while running Eclipse.  Sometimes I'd have several web pages up or even another program and had absolutely no issues - on the same computer.  Loaded 6 and don't remember problems until for sure.  Could have been before, but it's been going on for so long, I just can't remember, but definitely associate it with 6.  Thanks. 


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