I got called to do two jobs for a video company out of state almost 5 months ago. Over $1000 total. I have never gotten paid. I've called numerous times and emailed. "We haven't gotten paid from the client yet." That wasn't the deal. I thought about small claims court, but I would have to file in their county. Now their website has been removed. Has this ever happened to anyone before? What should I do?

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Anytime you do out of state you always C.O.D.....
Hello. First off let me tell you how sorry I am you are going through this. I too am battling a client out of state for $1500.00. Does your client have the original videos already?? If not, and they ask for them, send them either UPS or FEDEX C.O.D. that way they have to pay for them. Other than that, I see you making a few more road trips to file the small claims paperwork :(

It's probably the same company DTG.com, idepservices, internet services. These are all his names. I found on the yahoo forum that he has done this to videographers all over the country. I've already contacted a collections agency
Best of luck to you on your quest for financial justice!!
I forgot to add, no it's not the same company, mine is a corporate job that I did 363 days ago. Yep in two days it will be a full year of no payment.



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