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I've always enjoyed reading either historical fiction or contemporary fiction, but I've had a harder time finding ones that I enjoy lately. I don't like too much sexy stuff, which is what makes it hard to find good fiction, especially contemporary fiction. I also find myself frustrated with YA fiction. So I'd appreciate any recommendations! :)

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David Balducci is always intriguing, and so is John Grisham, who has a new book out right now.  One author who I extremely like is Michael Connelly, too.  He's the best!

I read a David Balducci once and remember enjoying it. I've never actually read a Josh Grisham somehow, and I'm not sure I've heard of Michael Connelly. I'll have to look into them more! Thanks!

I just finished Mark Helprin’s Paris in the Present Tense and loved it. His writing is a little on the flowery side, which some people don’t like. The main character was born during the Holocaust, so there is a historical aspect to it even though it is set in modern time.


Oh, that sounds interesting! I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the recommendation!

I just read two books by Amor Towles:  A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility.  Amor Towles is a wonderful writer, and both books were great stories.  I especially was taken with Rules of Civility as it was written from the point of view of a woman in NYC in the 1930s.  I didn't realize until I finished the book that Amor Towles is a man.  His writing from a woman's point of view was so realistic.  

Thanks, Debbie.  I've always loved books written in that time period.  Such a different world.

Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to look into him! Those sound interesting. :)

I've been doing a LOT of reading lately because I've been slow (ugh!) and I'd like to share a couple of books with you:  First, a co-worker of my husband's gave him a book the other day to give to me entitled "The Silent Wife," written by A.S.A. Harrison.  Trust me, this book has caused me hours and hours of missed sleep as I've been staying up really late to read, read, read.  It's so far a great book, well written and the author's usage of metaphors is incredible - you can literally see the characters pop up in real life before the reader's eyes.  The foreword says it's "this summer's 'Gone Girl.'"  It's also the first novel for this author, which is amazing in itself.

Second and third place goes to one of my favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand, with two of her books:  The Perfect Couple and The Identicals.  She's terrific and indoctrinates some type of food/cooking into her books oftentimes and seems to be a food purist or something close to it.  I love her novels and they appear so far to end with the reader saying, "Yes, that's the way it should end."

Try these out and let me know what you think - everyone else, try them out!! 


Second and third on my list is one of my favorite fiction authors:  Elin Hilderbrand who has gifted me with hours on end of wonderful

There's two sentences that should be deleted on that previous email - starting with Second and third...so sorry!

I love books that end the way I want them to!!

I am finishing up a book about Aaron Hernandez, the athlete that ended committing suicide.  It is the saddest thing.  My son was a collegiate athlete and was drafted into the NFL but was injured, and Aaron was so very talented and threw it all away...And to follow his career and "non-career" is fascinating and a tearful.  I also watch Investigation ID when I can.

I am a huuuuuuuuge true crime enthusiast, Cathy! :) I listen to true crime podcasts pretty much any time I am in the car.


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