Post your questions on whether to hyphenate here. I know we should always check the dictionary first, but the dictionary doesn't have all combinations of compound words and crazy things like that.

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Thank you, sweets~!
I would hyphenate because over feeling, the feeling, and moon feeling don't fit, only when they work together as a group such as over-the-moon type of feeling.

That's how I was taught, and I use that same rule today.

I don't hyphenate if they can each modify the noun.

up-to-date file: it's not an up file, a to file, or a date file.
I personally use K-9. I also looked in SearchMaster and it lists only K-9.

Is "self-evaluation" hyphenated?

Yes.  Per Morson's Rule 154, "Use a hyphen with the prefixes self and quasi."

Thank you, Marjorie.  And thanks for the reference.  :-)

You're welcome, Janiece!

Does anyone hyphenate left-shoulder problems or right-shoulder pain or left-knee complaints, low-back pain. These type of  things?

my proofreader hyphenates these.

Yes, I do.  Per Morson's Rule 148f, "The driver signaled for a left-hand turn. (adj. + noun before noun) There's a specific example, low-back pain, pain in my low back.

Thank you

You're welcome!


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