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Comment by Pamela Bisson on November 16, 2018 at 12:07


Purchased new in 2010 * two-tone gray * pristine condition * no marks or scratches * extended DZ & asterisk * gray leather key pads (plus extras) * utilities & tutorial CD * A/C adapter/charger * EasyLock Z12 tripod * Stenograph dust cover * USB cable * original bag/case with shoulder strap (only used to store Diamante when not in use) * Sony portable travel speaker (new in package) * pocket microphone (needs a new battery) * The Sound Professionals high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone plugged into the back of the Diamante ($89 new)

I had two writers. I only used this Diamante when I had to float and cover courtrooms other than my regular court. This writer was not even used enough to require servicing. It spent most of the time packed away in its bag/case or covered with a dust cover. This is about as close to new as you can get for a used writer. It's like a car that was just driven off the lot. I held onto it after I retired as an official until I was sure that I was not going to return to the freelance field.  I will provide insured FedEx shipping free of charge.

$2500 * Email me at pambisson@gmail.com

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