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At 7:29 on December 4, 2008, Janet said…
Hey Karen - I went to school at Bryant & Stratton in Buffalo, New York, several years ago. I couldn't find a job when I graduated so I went back to being a legal secretary (hence, the legal transcription experience). I started speedbuilding again a few years ago while I was working full time, got my speed up to around 230 level. I called agencies to see if I could sit in with the hopes of getting hired. The agencies said, "when you're ready to sit in, give us a call." So I quit my job to sit in. I called the next business day after I left my job and I kept hearing, oh -- we're slow right now, call back. That was in May of this year. I kept calling, went out on a couple depos, but no luck in finding a position. gave up so I went back to legal sec. as a temp. for a few months, that assignment ended and now I'm collecting unemployment. Now it's the holidays and we both know things slow down all over. I'm going to try to find a reporting job (again) after the holidays are over. Buffalo is brutal as far as reporting goes. It's small and there are few agencies to go to. I'm not in a position to pack up and leave b/c I'm a caregiver, too, for an elderly parent. That's why I thought doing transcription at home (using my steno) would be a good balance and provide some income while I try again to find a reporting job. Whew! That's me in a nutshell!! I keep practicing and remaining hopeful I can find employment using my steno machine. I absolutely love writing steno and I really can't imagine my working hours spent anywhere else but sitting behind that little machine. Maybe you should still hang onto med. transcription because once you're reporting, there will be down times there, too, and you'll still need a secondary income. That's my goal on using my steno skills -- report depos and do transcription work to keep the $$ coming in. I don't think I could depend completely on reporting for $$ unless you worked for the courts. Just my opinion. When do you graduate and plan to start looking for work?
At 13:04 on December 3, 2008, Janet said…
Hi Karen! Thanks for getting back to me with the info. on med. transcription. My current situation is the opposite of yours! I have a degree in reporting but haven't found a position so I was thinking of doing transcription work until I found a reporting job. I did take medical terminology along with anatomy and physiology when I studied reporting but I would need some insight into how the reports are set up. I checked out the AHDI aamt website and they seem to have some good programs. It seems like all med. transcription is done from home (which is just what I'm looking for) but I wonder how you go about getting work. Do you just call doctors' offices, hospitals, etc. or does the company you got trained from provide you with work? Thanks for your help, Karen. Good luck with your reporting! Janet
At 15:11 on November 30, 2008, Janet said…
Hi Karen! My name is Janet and I'm new to the transcriptionists forum. I am very interested in providing medical transcription from home and I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me how to get started. I've done legal transcription work for about 15 years and I'd like to make a switch to medical. Thank you! Janet
At 20:14 on October 1, 2008, Cathy Pepe said…
Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Cathy Pepe. I'ma NJ CSR, or I should say used to be. I reported a couple of years ago and now am a patient coordinator for a plastic surgery/dermatology center in Livingston, NJ. I absolutely love my job but miss the world of court reporting and I definitely miss the income. I'm thinking of can I still be a part of court reporting but still keep my day job. I'm thinking of proofreading part-time from home. I see that you do this and it seems as though you really enjoy it. Do you think that I can do this and can you give me some advice of how I can do this? What is the difference between a scopist and proofreader?
At 9:32 on August 26, 2008, Alycia Matchen said…
Thank you, Karen. I will contact you privately.
At 8:18 on August 26, 2008, Alycia Matchen said…
Hello Karen. Yes, I am in Pleasantville. I am quite familiar with North White Plains. I was wondering if you had attended or knew about NYSoCR. I started there in 2005. Because of various reasons as well (including having a baby) I am still there. I am currently working towards my 130 WPM in the night program. I feel like it is taking forever. How does CCR compare to NYSoCR? Is it online training or do you go to a physical location for classes? How does the cost compare? What speed are you at now? Who do you know in the night program and do you know what speed they are at now? I hope you are doing well with it.
At 20:57 on August 25, 2008, Alycia Matchen said…
Hello Karen. I note that you live in Yorktown Heights. I am originally from the Shrub Oak area of Yorktown. I am currently a court reporting student at the New York School of Court Reporting in White Plains. I figured I would drop you a line because of our proximity and to introduce myself.
At 8:46 on August 4, 2008, Roxanne said…
Hi Karen, thank you! Yes, feeling better. You fellow sisters should have warned me early pregnancy could be THAT bad! I did have to go to the ER again last week for a fill-up, but SO much better than I was! Over four months along now! It's a boy, it's a girl, it's a....canteloupe! I have been--not with any regularity--doing the recorded ELMS to keep up my now-lagging speed, but will be back live with you all starting the 11th, but I won't be reading back for a couple weeks! I feel SO slow now! My next CSR is Oct. 11 so I need to get my rear in gear and take advantage of the live classes I can attend for free now as a graduate so I can SOMEDAY pass the most difficult test in the nation. (although now I'm thinking baking a baby is the most difficult test of all! I feel like I am on Nyquil at all times and need to go to sleep. NOW.)
At 14:29 on August 3, 2008, Sue @ The Brief Zone said…
Hi Karen, check out The Brief Zone !
Great Drilling Material For Any Steno Theory...
At 17:15 on May 27, 2008, Michael D. Chaney said…
Hello, Dear Friend; Are you keeping up? I have another special friend in "Dawn M." She is in New York somewhere. I left her some pretty special and informative advice. I'm sure you'd like to check it out. It's another long diatribe, but I'm sure you'll be impressed. Maybe I SHOULD write a book afterall. Check it out and tell me what you think; & if you're behind, feel free to investigate through my site and catch up. Peace out, precious student...Your friend, Me.

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