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At 19:18 on December 6, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…
Hehehe! Yes, I'm "Steno Nerd," and you read about that suitcase deal in my blog. Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that post was able to help another person! Always my intent! :)

Thanks for your advice. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!! :D One day I'm going to have that same feeling you had walking out of the RPR testing room knowing that I passed!

And, yes, Marc from Simply Steno is very awesome! He answered all my questions (lots and lots of them!) so patiently and thoroughly. Couldn't be happier! :)

I'll definitely keep you posted! :)

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, Kim! So grateful! :)

At 14:09 on December 6, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…
Hi, Kim.

I'm so glad that you had lots of good things to say about Simply Steno. As for your one con -- that they only go up to 200 wpm -- rest assured! They have alleviated that "problem," and now the program goes all the way up to 225 wpm! :)

Yeah, I need the affordable, flexible schedule that an online school can provide. After doing some research for the past several days, it seems like Simply Steno is the best route for me. Marc is very patient and very helpful with all my million-and-one questions! Hehehe.

So in your state, you don't have a CSR/state test? You just need to pass the RPR? If so, VERY AWESOME! And if not, you already passed the RPR, so I'm sure you'll pass your CSR with flying colors, too! :)

I'm in California, so they require us to have our CSR before working as an official. I'm not sure if it's the same requirement to be a freelance reporter, but I believe so.

I plan to take Simply Steno till graduation at 225 wpm, take/pass the RPR, then take/pass the CSR. Then I'll have both an RPR and CSR... with Simply Steno's help!

What do you think? I'd love to know! Thanks! :)

BTW, what kind of work do you do? Freelancer, official, CART, captioner? So happy for your success!

At 21:28 on December 3, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…
Hi, Kim.

I'm looking into SimplySteno's online program. Could you please tell me your pros and cons for the program? I've always gone to a brick-and-mortar school, and I'm in California. I'll need to pass the CSR in my state, but they say I can take the RPR in order to take the CSR... and SimplySteno focuses on preparing their students to take the RPR in flying colors. Do you feel they do a good job? You really only needed to take their course for a year?

Any help you can give is much appreciated! Thanks so much! :)


P.S. Love the music! :)
At 17:41 on September 27, 2009, Monica Gerard said…
Hi Kim,

Great to hear how well it's going! Very inspirational!

I'd love to say that I'm at 180 right with Mark's theory - but 180 was with my moldy old theory, writing EVERYTHING out. Ugh!

I'm practicing Simply Steno in the 100 to 120 range right now so I really write the Stenomaster/Magnum theory. I'm not even going to crank things up until I feel I'm on autopilot with it, which I hope won't be but a few months more. I'm hoping that writing shorter combined with the fact that I was able to write 180 writing a long theory will put me at 225 by the spring in time for the RPR. Keeping the faith!!

Thanks for the support!
At 14:37 on September 26, 2009, Monica Gerard said…
Hi Kim,

Hope all is well. I signed up with Simple Steno and am working hard to apply Mark's Magnum theory to the dictations. The dictations are great - way more challenging than what I had in school. Right now I had to drop down drastically in speed just to make sure I'm not resorting to writing everything out, and also because I need to learn all the briefs and phrases that I'm hearing, but it's going much better after a week of working hard at it. Stenomaster/Magnum plus Simple Steno is definitely the way to go!

How's RPR life treating you?
At 7:15 on September 2, 2009, Monica Gerard said…
Hi Kim - Congrats on all your great accomplishments (family and RPR!). I sent you a friend request - I have a couple of things I would like to ask you.

Hope you're enjoying your life as a working reporter!
At 14:57 on August 17, 2009, Julie Samford said…
At 9:32 on August 17, 2009, Jenny Griffin, RMR CRR CCRR CRC said…
Hope you're having a wonderful day - and not scoping your first job!
At 0:14 on August 17, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…
Hi, Kim.

CONGRATULATIONS on passing the RPR in May!!! That's so awesome!!! :)


At 0:10 on August 17, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…

At 15:29 on August 16, 2009, April McMillan, CRR, RPR, CSR said…
Graphics and Layouts at

At 17:55 on August 13, 2009, Mark Kislingbury said…
Kim, great photos!

You know what. I didn't know you learned my StenoMaster Theory. Do you mind telling me your story?
At 9:12 on August 1, 2009, Jenny Griffin, RMR CRR CCRR CRC said…
Hi, Kim! Having a fun summer with your boys? Just checking in!
At 8:15 on August 1, 2009, Joanne Wilson said…
Way to go! Congratulations! You have past everything, have your certification, obviously you know what you are doing. They do not just hand those things out (if they did, I would have cut in line for it, lol!) Use whatever means of relaxation that works for you, yoga, prayer, cutting down on caffeine, etc. I'm so tickled for you!!!!
At 9:01 on June 16, 2009, Marla Sharp said…
You plug the Boostaroo into your headphone jack of your laptop, then you plug your headphones into the Boostaroo and it amplifies the playback. It's only helpful if you have a really quiet recording.

I know some people monitor the sound that's being recorded at a depo. They plug in headphones into their microphone. Some mics have a headphone jack for monitoring the recording. And sometimes the sound isn't as loud while monitoring as it is when you play it back later. It would be helpful in that situation as well.
At 16:13 on June 15, 2009, Marla Sharp said…
blank job sheet.xlt
How wonderful for you, passing the CSR after such a long break in your education. Good for you. You're going to love reporting. Being a fly on the wall is really fun sometimes. Plus, we get to learn a little about a lot of things, which is one of the things that makes this career an interesting one.

I attached by blank spreadsheet for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Oh, and if you're interested in receiving briefs by email occasionally, let me know and I'll you to my distribution list.

And you're right - your sons are very handsome. What a nice family you have.
At 15:40 on June 12, 2009, Jenny Griffin, RMR CRR CCRR CRC said…
Now you can leave your nails alone! So happy for you!
# Kim Gibney, Whitehall, PA
At 20:07 on June 11, 2009, Jenny Griffin, RMR CRR CCRR CRC said…
Oh, it's the hardest thing to wait for the results! I'm so hoping you get the news tomorrow. I know that Clay from this site is hoping for news on the RPR Q & A as well.

Of course I use audio. I never thought about it until I had Eclipse for a while, though. You made me look this up! I've used my Olympus digital recorder since I purchased it in Sept. '05, and I got my laptop Sept. '03. Eclipse in May '02. But I didn't take the laptop to my jobs until '06? And since I started reporting in Jan. of '77, that's a lot of years without audio! I'd never be without it now. I take the digital as a backup on every job. It syncs right up.

That's great you're doing so much interning. Bet you're learning so much. I'm happy you're pleased with your software. That's really important. I'm super thrilled with Eclipse - as well you know!

Have fun with the kids - can't wait to hear about your results. I'm rooting for you!!!
At 18:04 on June 11, 2009, Jenny Griffin, RMR CRR CCRR CRC said…
Hi, Kim, How's it going? Happy with your software these days? Are your handsome boys out of school for the summer? Bet you'll be busy! I don't expect an answer from you anytime soon!
At 12:39 on April 23, 2009, Tami said…
Oh, I just reread your post to me. You are doing the Club.

You really are an awesome example on how to get this CR business taken care of.

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