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At 8:50 on February 12, 2009, Kelli Combs (admin) said…
Happy Birthday, Whitney!
At 6:46 on February 12, 2009, Robin Fritz said…
Happy Birthday, Whitney!
At 19:22 on May 9, 2008, Nicolete said…

Hello. If you care to share...I would like to know, since you are a brand new reporter, how you overcame your hurdles in school. I'm at that 140 Q&A and Lit. and 180 J.C. stage where I just need to get through to the other side. I'm loving the challenge that school has, but I am sooooo ready to be a court reporter. I've been going now for a year and a half, so I'm on track, but I'm ready to work already! LOL. My family is too.
At 18:08 on May 4, 2008, Nicolete said…
Hello, my name is Nikki. Just wanted to say that your pictures are just adorable! ahhhhhhh...
At 21:28 on March 6, 2008, Kamryn Valadez said…
Hi Whitney! This is the first time that I've been able to sign on this website. Everytime I tried to sign on before my computer would freeze. So where are the pictures of me? I'm taking you off mine! Love you. Come over this weekend.
At 10:04 on January 24, 2008, Jessica K. Belcher said…
Hi, Whitney.

Don’t be sorry for a late response, because I so understand. I’ve got some time to respond now because I’m on my break, and I’m also done for the afternoon, so I get to go to my hair appt. Yay!

Anyway, as far as depos, that got old in a VERY short time for me. I love having one place to go to every day, having my own office (which I love), the great benefits, having more control in the courtroom and my judge to back it up, paid transcripts, regular salary, and the great working and friendly relationships you build with the various people that work at the courthouse (personnel, attorneys, judges). It’s like you get an automatic respect. Of course you have to have the skills to back it up and prove that you have longevity, though. My job and working environment really is irreplaceable, that’s why I have to be certain that if and when I leave here, I’ll be comfortable with my decision.

As far as it being a piece of cake, I don’t know, but if it’s just 200 multi-voice for five minutes, I might possibly have a chance.

I so wouldn’t mind working out there where you are!

I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri.

That is sooooo awesome that you got to see the “crazy girl” in action!! I know that’s mean, but hey, she is. Are you allowed to say she’s crazy or would that be unethical??? LOL I bet that was an automatic transcript.

Write back when you can. :)

At 21:00 on January 22, 2008, DivaCRStudent said…
Hey, Whitney,

What made you decide to switch over to official reporting instead of depositions? There's such a huge need for deposition reporters in Nothern Cal. I'm still debating if I should go into freelance or an officialship.
At 19:33 on January 17, 2008, Jessica K. Belcher said…
Thanks, Whitney. Your pictures are adorable. You look so happy. :)

I'll be going four years strong as an official in February. Before that I did some freelance and worked in a firm office for about a year, so I guess I can't call myself a newbie anymore. :( lol For some odd reason I hated depos. I always felt uncomfortable. Maybe because it was just my first job experience. I didn't like it when the old lawyers would ask me how old I was and if I was certified yet. LOL

I do have my own courtroom (the pic on my page is where I work) and judge. I work for the district court here in Wyandotte County, Kansas. We don't have floaters at this particular courthouse, but of course we go where judges need help every once in a while when a court reporter needs help. My first judge I worked with was wonderful. I worked with him for over two years before he passed away unexpectedly. He'd been a judge for 25 years and was really sensitive to my needs as a court reporter. He was a gem! My judge now is just cool. :) He has a more lenient disposition than my first judge. I even go out with him and his wife at least once a month. lol Can't get any better than that. :) Being an official here rocks, basically, and I'd be sad to go, but I don't see myself here forever.

So do you have to have your CA CSR to work there period, or would the RPR suffice?

Talk to you soon.

At 18:54 on January 17, 2008, Jessica K. Belcher said…
Hey, Whitney (I see you online)

I'm an official from KS. How is it working in L.A.?? Did you ever work freelance or were the courts your first gig?? I'm asking because I'm thinking about possibly moving there and I see that you may have some experience working in that area. Any advice or personal experiences are much appreciated. Thanks, and I really look forward to your response (whenever you can respond). :)

Jessica Belcher
At 0:31 on January 17, 2008, Jessica K. Belcher said…
Hi, Whitney, I guess the only way to send you a message is to be your friend first??
At 18:20 on January 12, 2008, Carlos R. Hicho said…
Hi, Whitney. No, I haven't gone back to South Coast since I got licensed. Planned to do that a couple of times but just when I was all caught up with work and had a light schedule, things got busy again.
What did you talk about when you spoke to theory class? Were you nervous?
A South Coast student was working for one of the agencies that I work with until November of '06. She is probably in qualifiers, last time I talked to her she only needed to pass a 200wpm test to get in qualifiers. She was done with all of her academics, I think.
At 11:06 on January 8, 2008, Carlos R. Hicho said…
Hi, Whitney,
yeah, eventually I may be looking into working in court. I want to try doing depositions for a couple of more years -- not sure how long but so far I like pretty much just doing work outside of court.
How long are you planning to work in superior court?
No, I haven't done Livenote for attorneys.
I will first try to get an RPR certification this year.
Do you know if other reporters working in your court connect to the judge's computer?
I think that's really awesome, if they do that.
At 18:33 on January 3, 2008, Carlos R. Hicho said…
Hi, Whitney,
Yes, I remember you from South Coast College.
Congratulations and best wishes for you and your husband, and Happy New Year to you too.

So glad to hear from you.
Things have been going very good in depo world, been very busy reporting pretty much anything, even some court cases, just civil stuff though.
I am doing well, thanks for asking.

I remember that one picture of the group of graduates that Kevin from South Coast put up on that wall, that was nice.

I am also happy to hear that you've been doing great working for superior court. Good job!!!!
You've been busy, and that's good.

Thanks again for dropping a line, and I'm really glad you joined this group.
At 16:48 on January 2, 2008, Kelli Combs (admin) said…
A warm welcome from CSRnation, thanks for joining.
please join the Court Reporters group to your right.
just click "Court Reporters" and "Join Court Reporters"

We are into our 4th week, give it some time, it should get very exciting around here.

Just a heads up. if you look at the top of your page to the left, you will see a person icon and a mail icon, click on the little guy and add me to your friends list (assuming you would want to, lol).
also, you can send private messages if ever need be.
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if you have any questions please let me know.

Its also a good idea to have a picture of yourself on your page, please check this post, thank you. Click here!

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