Unfortunately, I lost my note file on a depo that hasn't been transcribed yet! I still have the paper notes. Does anybody know of a firm with an electronic note reader in the Bay Area? There used to be a firm in S.F. but they aren't around anymore. I could re-stroke the whole job again, but it was an all-day and would take forever.

Thanks for your input.

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There used to be a firm that would scan your notes, I think they were in Chicago. Check the NCRA Journal for an ad.

You don't have any of your CAT notes? Bummer!
I spent an hour at least going over all my downloaded files and they were not there. Maybe I inadvertently deleted the file a couple days ago when I was deleting old transcribed jobs. Nightmare!
What about your writer? Does your writer have any notes still on it? I have re-transcribed from my floppy in my Stentura.

If you still have the audio, another route to go would be to listen to it again and re-write your notes.


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