Anybody have a brief for refrigerator? I kept hearing it all day in a divorce hearing. I probably stroked it out the best I could 50 times and stroked it correctly 3 times!

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refrigerant FRAIJT
refrigerate FRAIJ
refrigeration/federation FRAIJS/FRAIGS
refrigerator FRIR
refrigerators/41st FRIRZ/FRIRS
those are pretty nice, thanks!
any time!
good one
When I was in CR school (in the dark ages) the mother of one of the other students suggested REFRPBLGTS -- I've been using it ever since, no conflicts in 30+ years (then again, I've only written it maybe a half-dozen times, and then only in school)


I learned this in the DRA newsletter which I used yesterday on the word "contingent." RAIRT is a good brief (if you remember it) but if they keep saying the same word over and over and you're briefing on the fly, use "OIG." Refrigerator would become "ROIG" -- you know it's a brief because of the ending. On "contingent" I wrote KOIG.
That's a great idea of yours for the "wildcard" brief -- however, OIG is "oh, my God" for me
That's a very interesting concept!

RAIRT is my rarity, though. I like FROIG. :)
This is brilliant. I really like this idea, Judy. Many times in the first hour of a depo you get that dear-in-the-headlights feeling from a big acronym or a ridiculously large word that keeps coming up and you haven't had a second to figure out a brief for it. Then for the next hour your fingers stall everytime it comes up and you end up writing it 12 different ways to Sunday. This is such a great idea, I can't wait to use it!



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