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Looks like this will be a nice website for us. My name is Lois and I am a scopist in California. Been scoping for 17 years now. Love it. Only done work outside of California (New York). Their format is really different. But interesting. Anyone else in Calif. work a lot with other states? Regarding Express Scribe, I attempted to use it once about a year ago. Downloaded a wav file from a reporter through it. When attempting to get the audio file into my Case Catalyst, couldn't do it., and make it work like Case Catalyst audio file. Also, all future audio files I got, automatically converted into the Express Scribe program, not Case Catalyst. Any suggestions??

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Hi, Donna: Thanks for your reply. Can you believe I'm at my computer on Christmas Day? Am I crazy or what? Merry Christmas to you. I use Stenograph Case Catalyst which, as far as I can tell, doesn't work with Express Scribe. Not compatible. Or maybe it's just me. If I ever get it resolved, I'll let you know. How do you like Eclipse? I see quite a few people use it.



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