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Has anyone ever worked in Arizona? Does anyone know whether you need an RPR, a CSR, anything? I change my mind about what I want to do there every day, but I definitely don't want to be working full-time any more. But I still think I'm most comfortable staying in court. But then again, maybe that would be the time to try something new. I'm going in two and a half years. Thanks guys...

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The last I heard they were changing the requirment from an RPR to their own CSR licensing, but they were grandfathering in those that had been working there for a certain period of time. I've never worked there, though, so I'm not positive.
Weird.. your question got me wondering what states don't have any licensing and I ran across this link specifically about Arizona http://www.toddolivas.com/court_reporting_articles/court-reporting-... HTH


I don't know where I read it, but just today I found out if you have an RPR, Arizona accepts that but requires you to pass their own written exam. I would sure think your CA CSR would be acceptable if the RPR is. You need to go directly to the state site and get the real deal.

I was on the site that Heather posted about, Todd Olivas, earlier today. I was there taking one of their quizzes with Clay. I had come across them a week or two ago, and when he came home today for the first time in a couple weeks, I got him to take one. Pretty neat stuff for students. That might have been where I read about the Arizona requirements.

Two years or two months??? :)
Hello Amanda, I have family in AZ and i am certified in CA, and the last time I checked it was an RPR. Here's the website for that state

I just checked it right now, and as of today, to my information, it is the RPR, plus their written exam, of course.
Elise Nock CSR


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