I've been trying to get my 180 and 190 4VC tests for a while now, and I'm getting really frustrated. I understand it's fairly normal to hit "plateaus," but how do you work through them? I'm really eager to start sitting out with reporters, and I'm one test away from being able to start.
And while I have your attention, my unreliable car has forced me to drop out for the rest of the semester, and I want to do everything I can to keep making progress. If anyone has any ideas for good practice material/routines, I'd appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks for your time.

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Stephanie -
I found that reminding myself that it was me against a machine helped me overcome frustrations. I absolutely refused to let that machine win. You are right - everyone hits a plateau, but there is light at the end of the tunnel because you sound determined.
As far as having to drop out, you must set aside the same amount of time that you had while you were in school. Practice tapes are the best, obviously, but when I was in training to take the CSR test in Texas, we wrote to talk shows. Not great for sustained speeds, but it was a good distraction for an hour.
Good luck!!
Robin in Florida
I'll give that a shot. The only time I've noticed that I pass easily is when it's a test that's so high I'm not even hoping for it.

I got my first 180 4VC, and my 200 4VC/1 min, so at least while I can't go to school, I can work on my apprenticeship hours! Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be trying them out as I work toward the 190s. . .

Thanks again,
Hi Stephanie,

Do you use briefs? There are a lot of briefs out there. That might help a bit. If you're looking for any, let me know. Keep at it. It will come to you. I just passed my 180's. 1 with 95.7, and the other with 97. Good luck.
I don't use many briefs, I've been trying to incorporate more recently. If I think of one of those problem strokes I've been trying to brief, I'll let you know.

Those are really great tips. Thanks. I've been looking for ways to include short responses and objections with the speaker identification. . .and I'm ashamed to admit I have a copy of brief encounters that I've yet to crack open.
It's becoming evident that I'm going to have to incorporate some briefs into my writing now that I'm at a higher speed. I probably use about 100. . .
I'll try to work on those and see what else brief encounters has to offer.

Thanks again,
Mark Kislingbury was kind enough to leave a copy of his latest book in your lab, Stephanie, for the students to use at your school.

He also will be starting a daily online speedbuilding class for 20 minutes a day. He is the one that will be teaching the class. It is only $30. a month. He's a wonderful teacher.

You can find out all the particulars at Magnumsteno.com.

Happy Writing Short!!

Thanks for the tip. That sounds great. . . and I might even be able to afford that. I don't get to say that too often! :P
Thanks for all your help. It's really nice to see how supportive most of the reporters are.
I don't want to be annoying, but I'm really excited and I don't know anyone at school to be excited with. . .I got my last 180s and 190s. I'm in qualifers now. I won't actually qualify until I finish all the academics, but I'm still excited.
Thanks for all the tips!

Happy keying~
Great news, Stephanie!!

So awesome the school's going to let you sit in qualifiers, too.


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