Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year! I'm a scopist for over 11 years. I was also a reporting student to the 200 speed. Then breast cancer stepped in at the age of 34 and so I decided that it was time to do what I loved full-time: Editing! So if anyone needs an experienced scopist, I am always available. You can contact me at angelstone70@aol.com.

Great website and Happy New Year!

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Glad to see you here! I've been a court reporter now for 30 years. I just finished my last chemo treatment for breast cancer that I found last June. And I will be starting my radiation treatments next week. Glad to see you here and glad you're doing what you've always wanted! Life is good!

Karen Morris
Amarillo, Texas
Dear Karen: Congratulations on finishing chemo! I, too, had chemo. Six dose-dense treatments, and then 33 radiation treatments. So glad to meet you here! I also work for Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. If there's ever anything you need to know or ask or scope, don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck and best health in the New Year.
Tracy Guaderrama
Channahon, IL
Dear Tracy:

Well, I guess we're on the same chemo page. I had six treatments. And I'm looking at 30 treatments of radiation. My radiologist was kind of wishie-washie about the 30, so it may be 33. My cancer was rated as a 1.

Got a question: How long has it been since you've finished up your treatments? Thank you in advance for the info!

Wishing you good health and a prosperous New Year, too!

Karen Morris
Amarillo, Texas
Hi Karen: I actually had 28 treatments of radiation. And I had a bilateral breast reduction done in conjunction with the lumpectomy. The last 5 treaments (totaling 33) are for what they call a "boost." It is aimed directly at the cancer site and not the entire breast. Because I no longer had the original cancer site because of the reduction, there was nothing to boost and I got out of the last 5 treatments. My cancer was a Stage IIA, no lymph node involvement, and a Grade 3, aggressive in dividing cells. It was also what's called Triple Negative. No estrogen receptors or HER2 receptors. If you're Stage I or your cancer was a Grade 1, that's awesome! It's been three years for me now, and I never regret the cancer. At the age of 34, I was woken up with what's important in life and for that, I'm ever grateful.

I have counseled on the Y-ME hotline for quite a while and now work in their Quality Assurance department at home. I have been scoping a long time, so I do that, too. Court reporting is just in my blood. LOL.

If you need to talk or ever have any questions about your treatment or cancer or just need clarification, please don't hesitate to ask. I have counseled hundreds, if not thousands, of women. I've spoken at a couple of conferences and also write for Y-ME's magazine and newsletter.

Every day you wake up, Karen, you WIN and breast cancer LOSES! Every day you get to live on with your life is a day you get to "spend" your "lottery" winnings. Except this lottery was paid in time, not money.

God bless,
Dear Tracy,

That is wonderful that you have hooked up with Y-Me! We need people like YOU to educate people about breast cancer. Looking back at what I've been through, I thought I was educated about breast cancer, but I wasn't. You would think with all we hear on TV about breast cancer that we would have all the info, BUT WE DON'T! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

And, yes, it has been a wakeup call of sorts. Now who knows what I can accomplish with my new lotto winnings! Again, thank you for all you do concerning breast cancer!

Happy New Year,



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