It's only $1,800.   (Formerly by Turbocat - Smartcat).  

 Anyone used it?

(I am on the low end of court reporting.  This seems like something that would work for me).


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Never heard of it.  Great price, though.

If you go to the Infinity website, they offer a 10-day trial.  I agree the price is great.  I just couldn't see an easy way to import my dictionary to test anything, and nothing on dictionary management in the manual.

I thought depoman did not exist.

Check the date on that message, Janiece!

Right.  I see it now.  Thanks, Glen

Ha ha ha! Any time, Janiece!

Not familiar with it, but I did use TurboCAT years ago in school and like it much better than the Eclipse software that I later tried.  Do you have to purchase updates when they come out, and how much would those cost?

I use DigitalCAT and like it very much.  I lease ($79/month) and get all updates for that price plus free support when I need it.  I've had very good experiences with the company.

Per website:

We're still in the process of rebranding Apeiron.  While that process is in place, we're letting our customers try the previous version, SmartCAT.  For future Apeiron customers, and current SmartCAT customers, we're offering the SmartCAT manual as a download if you need help using or supporting SmartCAT.

Back in '81(?), Smartcat was one of the first ones.  This is also keyless.

DigitalCat and I had a falling out.  Apeiron is Cheetah/Smartcat.  Stenworks is offering it for $350 down $120 a month (11 months).

All I can tell you is beware the owner...  One of my reporters had a HUGE issue with him and he's kind of a dirty lowdown scoundrel.

Betsee, are you meaning DigitalCat or Cheetah?

I had a huge (and I mean huge) problem with DigitalCat.  Coming back to court reporting I had no CAT skills.  I got DigitalCat Student.  I was very upfront with them.  It took me over a year to get my skills up.  Then I got a job.  Then I called to change from student to professional.  Then I got an email telling me I had used their product when I wasn't a student. I called them.  It was a 45 minute call, someone telling me I was pirating their product, they are discussing filing charges and I could go to prison.  He just went on and on.  I checked my cell phone after.  The call lasted 45 minutes.

Whoever it is that runs/owns the Neutrino Group.  I can't remember his name, although when I hear it it's like, yep, that's it.


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