Is anyone having a problem with losing your Bridge Connection Magic feed?  I get set up before the job and everything is working fine, then the attorney walks in and I type something and the receiving computer has stopped receiving data.  Needless to say, frustrating because now the depo is ready to start.  Sometimes I have time to reboot; sometimes not.

Called Eclipse support and they were no help.

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I've had that happen when using LiveDeposition.  My iPad will be connected to the LiveDeposition router but then it jumps to my hotspot wifi (of course, when we go on the record).  I had my wifi set to connect automatically.  If you have any wifi connections set to connect automatically, that could be what it is.  I had to check Forget This Network to get my iPad to stay connected to the router I wanted it to be connected to.  

I know I did that with the sending computer and now I am second guessing myself wondering if I did it to the receiving computer.  I thought I did but....

Janet is right; you need to hit "forget this network" so your iPad only recognizes whatever wifi you want it to use or it will try to go back and forth.

I second Janet and Kelli's replies to you and wanted to add one more possibility.

I was having chronic and repeated disconnects of BM to my tabs and there was just no way it was going to stay connected. I never able to get it to work using all the remedies mentioned below and others.

I have since learned while at a seminar about something called an Air Marshal.  Law firms use these to block potential threats to their secure servers, etc.  The Air Marshal was knocking the signal to my MiFi off, hence the continuous failure to provide a feed. 

So now, whenever I have this problem, I make a call to IT to see if they are running one.  This particular law firm will take the ID of your device and make an exception so that the Air Marshal does not kill your MiFi signal. 


I don't trust WiFi for realtime.  I have a license for Bridge, but I'm using LiveDeposition.  I prefer using a LAN.


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