I had 4 days of videotaped depo, realtime cables everywhere, conference room with techie doo-dads, telephone jacks and microphones, and video conference equipment. My audio was inaudible because of static. Equipment check later proved everything in working order. What is up with that?

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What an incredible wealth of info! I bought the RS snap chokes today. I use a surge protector for my laptop, so was told I only need to put the chokes on the audio cable. I also ordered the pricey Martel item. I am reporting a realtimer for 3 days in the SF City this week, so cables everywhere. I intend to experiment with the two suggested items and let you all know!
thank you sooooo much for all the feedback. Would have been uber cool if my videographer had been up to speed to help! Separates the women from the wouses! Nothing like being connected with true professionals.
thx all!
I purchased the snap chokes from Radio Shack and ordered the Martel product. I sent the Martel back as it appears to me I can purchase the same size snap choke for the power cord for significantly less. I was told by the salesman if I use a power stript (I do), I do not need the SC for the laptop. So I have the SC on the mic cord only and am happy with that for a troubleshoot in-case-of scenario, should the interference become an issue ever again. That's the scoop. Thanks for your help on this CSRnation!
And if you must run mic cables across AC power cords or strips run the mic cables at right-angles to the AC to minimize or eliminate hum and/or static.

Steve (an up-to-date videographer)


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