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A mRNA vaccine like the several Covid-19 vaccines currently being trialed  has never been used on humans. Such vaccines have been only been trialed in animals. In those studies, antibody responses initially looked promising, similar to claims in the current human trials. However, the animal trials eventually proved unsuccessful, with one study in ferrets resulting in an increased number of mutated genes, cancer rates, autoimmune responses, and death.

I've said this before: ALL animals have died in clinical trials for coronaviruses. That's why a vax has never been approved. Now that they have complete immunity, why not?! $$$$ for pharma and zero consequence/liability.


See, this is one of many examples of what I was talking about. Therapeutics of all kinds get approved, people are injured by them, and sue after the fact. In the case of what we are discussing here, "they" have been granted complete immunity from any liability. One of the things about our career for which I am so grateful is that we are exposed to all kinds of behind-the-scenes, secret information that the majority of the population does not know, and I thank my lucky stars that I actually love biotech cases. They are difficult for sure (and that's putting it lightly), but the knowledge I gain from them is priceless, and it has certainly affected my decisions in life.

this is copied from another group:   My sister who got the shot...her workplace insisted..she didn't want to but she felt her job was at stake..
She was a very healthy person..never missed work. Active and all..got very sick from this ..dizzy..eye sight blurry..fever..rash...all around weakness..she has missed quite a lot of work..which never happens. She is a care worker and Loves her patients.
She is still suffering..
It's been a long hard road for her..she doesn't deserve this!
I PRAY for all the people and their families lives..this needs to be better exposed on the media




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