Does anyone know where I can purchase some dictation material for practicing that is downloadable from the net?


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Laura, thanks for your reply. I did the same search but haven't found an actual download. If you did, could you provide the web address?

Thanks, Laura
Go on Ebay and look up dictation court reporting.

There is a guy that has CDs that are excellent. He may have something you can download. I have purchased two of them, and they are, as I said, excellent.

If you can't find them, let me know and I'll look in my history to get the name.
Mark, has immediately downloadable practice dictation files that you can purchase for approx. $15. I've purchased quite a few.
Ann, this was very helpful. Thanks. I did find another site that has dictation that's downloadable but the quality is not very good. If anyone is interested its:

Thanks for everyone's help.

Hi Mark, you might like The Brief Zone
All the material on this site is downloadable.
I also really liked the material. Marc was flexible with me and sent me all the material for a 12-week subscription at once for the same price. He also let me specify how I wanted to divide up the material as far as QA/Lit/JC and even the speeds for the bonus names and numbers dictations.


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