If you've had any dealings with this court reporting firm out of New 
York, please call me at 210-558-9484.

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No, no dealings (new on the scene), but this may be of interest:

News & Press, http://discoverylit.com/:

Litigation Services LLC Launches its Client Rewards SkyMiles Program Together with Nationwide Coverage for Depositions, Video and Trial Presentation Services  

Discovery Litigation Services LLC launches Nationwide Coverage for Court Reporting, Videography and Trial Presentation services together with its Client Rewards SkyMiles program. Visit http://www.discoverylit.com/skymiles/ for more information.
(PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia: Discovery Litigation Services, LLC (DLS) is pleased to announce the launch of its Nationwide Coverage for Court Reporting, Videography and Trial Presentation Services. Whether the client’s need is local to a DLS office or is outside of its markets, DLS offers its clients a high-touch, personalized 24/7 service providing coverage regardless of the location of the deposition.

"I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Discovery’s Nationwide Coverage" said Alex Gallo, DLS’ President and CEO. "We have and continue to assemble together the leaders in our space. Leading our Nationwide Coverage is Leah Solliday, who with her prior company was national scheduling director of their 40 offices. Leah understands and delivers on our clients’ needs. We are also launching today the first phase of our client rewards program. All clients, no matter their location, can earn SkyMiles with major US airlines. Visit http://www.DiscoveryLit.com/SkyMiles/ for more information.”

DLS’ operating mantra and culture is one that sees itself as a partner with those they serve. Providing Nationwide Coverage is one of the service lines that they believe is necessary to be a true partner in today’s litigation. Nothing demonstrates this mantra and culture better than the launch of the SkyMiles client rewards program.

“Having been previously the National Director of Scheduling for one of the larger national companies, understanding and putting in place the proper protocols to facilitate our client’s needs when setting up an out of town deposition is easy,” said Leah Solliday. “Just tell us a city, and we will provide location, reporting, video, interpreting, and travel arrangements. Anything that is needed we can provide, and now we can even provide the miles to get you there!”

DLS is headquartered in Atlanta and currently has offices in Florida and California. DLS offers leading edge deposition technology with every deposition together with Trial Presentation Services. Every client has online access to their depositions and deposition related documents, as well as online scheduling at http://www.DiscoveryLit.com/schedule.asp or calling the Nationwide Scheduling number at (855) 847 0999.

You guys, there is a group just for this purpose.  "Have you ever heard of...." 

Please use it.  That's why it was put together.  Everyone seems to be posting stuff lately on the front page about this issue.

Is this the same thing as joining a Mile High Club?

I wonder if Esquire will shut this guy down as they alluded to in their letter?   He was soliciting employees from Esquire, violating a noncompete, perhaps.

I don't think DiscoveryWorks Global has anything to do with Alexander Gallo's new firm called Discovery Litigation Services LLC.


You are right, Mary Ann.  My apologies, all.    

DiscoveryWorks Global, again, no dealings, but there has been quite a bit on forums.





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