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Julie Samford, a certified Eclipse trainer, has put together an Eclipse seminar on a 5 day 4 night cruise to the Bahamas in November. She has reserved a total of 50 cabins at an unbeatable price!! It's only $577 for two people. Split between two reporters that's dirt cheap! And it's a tax write-off! Go to realtimeready.com for all the information! Hope to meet some new reporters on the cruise!

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Sounds like a good idea.....Where is the cruise leaving from?
Hey, Matthew, thanks for posting this! I'm the cruise director, Julie. You must be Montrell's friend ... I look forward to meeting you!

Kwanna, the cruise leaves from Miami on November 9. The total per person, including tax and everything, is $288.56, and that's if you have two people per room. If you add on a third, fourth or fifth person they're like $178 apiece.

I've gotten some really funny phone calls about this cruise. Reporters wanting to know if it's a time share deal and they have to sit through a presentation or something .... no! It seems almost too good to be true at that price, but Norwegian is a great cruise line.

I'm going to be doing a five-hour Eclipse training class called "The Top 50 Secrets to Happiness ... with Total Eclipse" that's just really all the cool features that I think a lot of reporters would be happy to know how to use.

You can click here to get the whole scoop. I'd love for you and your family and friends to come along with us, whether you take the training class or not. It'll be an awesome little vacation!

Julie Samford
Julie, I bought your DVD today since I can't make the cruise. My husband and I love cruisin'. If we didn't have to fly from L.A., we'd be going in a hot minute. What a great deal!
Hi April!
Thanks for getting the DVD! BUT I just checked, and flights are $114 each way from LAX to Ft. Lauderdale... you could sooooooo go ...

Wow! what a deal :)
Julie, are we able to upgrade to a room with a window? and if so, is there a discounted price for that as well? also, what's the latest we have to sign up? I'm very interested in going....just trying to work out a few things first.
Hi there, Heidi!

If you click on the link on my website to book the cruise, you'll see the cabin options. If I remember right, it's $289 plus tax for an ocean view room, and maybe $479 for a balcony room. And those are per person, based on double occupancy. If you have more people in the room, the rates go down considerably.

My cruise rep has given us until the end of August for this first offer, with the final payment on September 2. After that time, if there are still rooms available, I'll ask for an extension so more people can sign up. I don't know if the rates will be the same.

I've also put in a link on www.realtimeready.com in the Bahamas cruise info where you can see what all the different room types look like.

When you sign up, on the booking page there is an option to either take the best room available in the cabin type you choose or to have the option to get a free upgrade if one is available. I opted for the chance for an upgrade, so you may want to do that as well. If you pay for an ocean view, that would be awesome to get a balcony.

I got an email from your friend, so I wanted to say thanks for spreading the word! Hope you'll join us!
thanks for that info!
okay, signed up for the cruise as well as my friend via another site (I think hotspot or something like that)....I signed up for the seminar and my friend will too but she's waiting a little bit so that her card doesn't go over the limit....so we're on the boat and headed to the bahamas with you! :) I'm trying to talk it up on facebook so a lot more people will come too....such a great price and all a tax write-off....why the heck wouldn't we do this??? :)
Awesome, Heidi! THANKS!

And if anybody else is thinking about going, please book your cabin before the price goes up. The cruise rep just told me they're running out of cabins at the discounted rate. I was under the impression we had until the end of the month, but it sounds like I misunderstood.
Thanks a bunch....


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