Where on this site is the best place to advertise the need for a scopist?





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Hello, Kelly


There is a Eclipse Scopist Email blast group.  You join the group first and once you join the group, you will see a tab for "Send message to the group."  You can send a message to a ton of scopist about your need for a scopist, but don't forget to include your contact info.  Everyone always forgets that part.


There is the same email blast group also for CaseCAT and a ton of others.  Just type into the search box which type of software you have and the group will come up.   If you have difficulty finding your scopist group, let me know here and I will give you the link.  I see you found the "Scopist" group.  You can do the same thing there and join the group first to get the tab to send a message about your need for a scopist.  In that group, though, you will have to specify which software you are on since the group has everyone.  I started the specific groups segregated out later on.

Thank you so much, Kelli!

Some Case scopists I recommend...


Kristie Handzlik cascopist@gmail.com

Kelly Schultz kistranscription@gmail.com

Joyce Sasser wom678@aol.com

Claire DAmico c.damico@sbcglobal.com

Wow, Jeanese, that's great.  It is sooooooooo much better to get a recommendation than use someone that you have no idea whether they are good or not.  Most reporters never want to give out their scopists' names.  Very generous of you!!

Hi Jeanese!


Thank you so much for responding with the list of scopists you recommend!  I will definitely add them to my scopists' list :)


Thank you, again!



Sure thing!  I love passing along their name because I know how good they are!  It's a win-win for all involved.   And when I think of what I went through to find them, Oy vey!, I'm happy to recommend.   I still look for people all the time.  Sometimes it goes nowhere and sometimes it rocks!!!   And my list moves and fluctuates.

I saw your other blog, Kelly F., about the realtime scoping, and if you're on Case, the work units is a great choice.  You don't have to stop to send increments of files.

What I do for dailies as well is break the files up between 3 or 4 scopists; that way, everyone does 50 pages or so and doesn't kill themselves working 'til blurried eyed... and I'll usually take the last portion, if there is one, at the end of the day ~ go home, start my "face" pages and worksheet and organizing exhibits ~ then everyone's portions start rolling in!   Much easier to read/proof a small portion from a really good scopist than it is to struggle through 250 pages from an okay scopist.


Here's a couple more people I've worked with and would work with again...

(They're available kind of on a part-time basis but good to have as a contact)

Sue Fahrenkrug  sfarenkrug@stny.rr.com

(Sue's a Rumba instructor in New York and she travels)

Kendra Morales kendramorales06@gmail.com

(Kendra's a reporter in the Bay area in court w/ limited time but very helpful and conscientious, fast, and reasonably priced... if she's available/usually on the weekends before she goes back to work)

Hey, Jeanese, I know you are on Case.  Do you know if any of these scopist use Eclipse too?  I know some scopists have both.  That would be great.  Only one of my scopists that I use all the time can do dailies.  No one else is fast enough.

I know that none of them are also on Eclipse. 

I have been asked if I know any Eclipse scopists or one that does both and there is that one girl -- woman, I should say -- who claims to be very good, the top-voted, or something, and has both software programs.   Barbara or something.  I could try to look her up... She probably has a profile around here somewhere.   She's the only "Eclipse" person that comes to mind for me because she used to involve herself in a lot of the blogs, et cetera.

I bought the Eclipse software for my mother-in-law, I plopped down 1400 and then she decided she didn't want to do it.  I was not all that happy about it.  Last time I do that because you never know if things will work out, just like in my situation.

Okay.  I just looked her up...  It's Donna Bleskin   bdonnaleah@aol.com    Phone:  406-17-7114

Now, I'm not recommending per se, although her intro/bio info sounds amazing!  I have not worked with her.  But I know she has both software programs.


May also want to try http://justscopists.ning.com

You have to only silently stalk from a distance for this site!   lol!   No reporters allowed!!  So just go in, get some names, and get out!!!   lol!  Plus, Devon is closing it and moving inside FB ~ But you can still get some names... The page is open to navigate around.

Try reaching out to Marla Sharp ~ She's on Eclipse.

I've worked with Donna Bleskin for years.  She's one of the best out there -- and a super person to know and deal with.  And she's on Eclipse.




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