I have been in school for a little over a year and a half and I am working on speed building. I've passed my 140 JC and Lit, but I can't pass my 120 Q&A. I am extremely frustrated because I should be able to do it! And all of sudden this week, it seems like my fingers and brain have become disconnected. My writing is horrible! Does anybody has any advice?

Also, does anybody have a good practice routine that they follow? I seem to jump around everywhere and don't follow a set routine. Is that my problem?

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I have a number of suggestions and anecdotes.

When my mind was clear I couldn't stress myself out that I was getting close to passing a test.

While I don't recommend this, I was once extremely hung over during a 10am 180JC. I was still a 160 student. I was so fully engrossed in my hangover that I didn't realize that I was getting every word.

Point being, if you terrorize yourself you will begin to drop. If while terrorizing yourself you recognize that your shoulders are up around your ears, take a deep breath and try to drop them. I would often find myself writing much more cleanly again afterward.

I often told friends of mine while I was in school: None of this matters. The test I take today or tomorrow or the next day does not matter. If you get it, great. if you don't... well we're all used to failing for months straight. big deal, right? I would try to remain as detached as possible from the question in the moment which was... Oh My God Am I Passing This?!?!

Like others have said, you're moving right along to be around 120/140 within one year.

I became a CSR just this year, so I still have that fresh out of school after-taste in my mouth.

Congrats on your CSR Derek!

I know, I totally agree that stress and pressure is what affects my writing. I took that pressure off myself over the last two weeks and it has helped a lot. I concentrated a lot on cleaning up my writing. I went into my test with a "what ever happens" mentality and I ended up passing my 120 Q&A last week!!! Onto the 140s!

Hm...I'd like to investigate this hungover business for tests, hahaha, jk.


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