Hi. I've been using an amplifier from Radio Shack for an external Mic for my audio sync since it's a very low volume recording with my internal Mic. Does anyone have an idea of where I could find a mic (at a physical store so I can get this weekend) that does a great job of a clear, loud recording? Thanks!

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Thanks, JoRita!

I never knew they had anything to reduce the interference. I'm going to get a couple.

I've also used the amplifier from Radio Shack. I went through two of them. It does amplify voices, as well as all other noises. I switched to the USB microphone from Sound Professionals. This company has support for court reporters, too. It works great and is itty bitty. It will plug right into your laptop or you can get cable to attach to it so you can put it in the middle of the table.

I bought my cheapo mic from wal-mart, probably about 3 years ago and works great! it was $6.00,
I also use the Labtec microphones. I paid under $10 each for them. They're great. I purchased a microphone from Sound Professionals and am less than pleased with it. I didn't send it back, though. I use it for specific instances in court when we have to go in chambers for motions and sidebars. It manages to pick up voices over the fans in the Daley Center but doesn't do much else well. For depositions, I use the Labtec in my computer and Mira.



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