I don't think I'm getting the messages from the Cover Depo groups

I joined three of the Cover Depo groups last year, and I have never seen a message or email or whatever is sent to the group when a job offer goes out. I know offers are sent to the groups because I hear about them from other reporters, but I never see them. I joined and I am following. Is there something else I need to do to receive the job offers sent to the group?

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I figured out how to fix the problem last night. I went to my page and clicked on Settings and then Email. You need to put a check in the box that says Messages sent to groups I belong to. I never did this when I joined any group. I made sure I was following the group and I would receive emails anytime someone posted something in the group. But there are no posts in the Cover Depo groups. They send a message to the group when a job is available, and I wasn't receiving those. After I checked the box in the Email settings, I received an email this morning about a job from one of the Cover Depo groups.

I wanted to post the solution in case anyone else didn't realize there is a difference between getting emails for a sent message and emails for a wall or blog post.


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