Just found out that my new laptop is not compatible with my software!!

I just found out today that the laptop I purchased last week is not compatible with my Case Catalyst 9 software! New laptop has Windows 7, 14" Toshiba Ultrabook. So basically the only way, according to Stenograph, that I can make this work is to upgrade to CC 13 for a whopping $1200!! Last time I upgraded four years ago, I paid $1700!! Are you serious? I'm so outraged!! Plus two machines in the last 12 years. How much money can they make off one reporter?!?

Anyway...I currently have Vista on my old laptop and that has never given me a problem. Stenograph tells me the highest system CC 9 will support is XP. I was talking to my brother and he was mentioning something about being able to partition the hard drive and install Windows XP. I'm not sure how to go about this. I plan to call a computer guy tomorrow to help me with this.

Will this work? I refuse to upgrade my software if I don't have to. There's nothing wrong with the version I have.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to ship my laptop back to the seller in NY (Amazon vendor), plus I've fallen in love with it already!

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Hi, Ann

I just got an email from Stenograph about updating CC 4-12 software and getting a Diamante for $147 a month so thought I'd let you know.  That may be easier to handle financially if you haven't already upgraded.  The email says you can just call them 800-323-4247 to find out more info.

Yes, this will work.  You can partition the hard drive.  It basically allows you to use Vista and your older Case on a portion of the hard drive.  My son did it for mine.  Stenograph will never tell you that you can do this, because they want your $$$.

Well, guys, I went ahead and upgraded :D Thanks for everything! Learned a lot from you all. Main thing is I realized that if I didn't upgrade now, I would eventually have to upgrade down the line, so why not start reaping the benefits now? Can't wait to use my new laptop and software on my job tomorrow!

You are going to LOVE being keyless!  It is so nice not to have to worry about losing that little dongle, especially if you go out of town.  If you need any help on the features added since you last upgraded, there are plenty of us around who are happy to help!


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