Has anyone done LiveNote for a judge in the San Diego courts?  I'm actually asking this for a friend.  I've done LiveNote for Judges in several different counties, and they all set up the same.  Now, San Diego is throwing me off.  So my friend show up to start trial there, and the judge is on a laptop (as opposed to a desk top with the livenote cable (network cable?) coming out from behind the wall somewhere?) and there is no cable. 

well, someone help me out here.   I'd assume that hooking up his livenote would be the same as hooking up livenote for an attorney (who brought his own laptop) to a depo, no? and of course, the courts are not wireless.  so then, wouldn't the judge need a USB/serial port adapter?  and then his usb/s adapter to reporter's muli-line split box to and then mulit-box to reporter?  with my "luck/fear/drama" is that i'll bring a usb adapter for the judge, and it won't install (of course.)


can someone help me out? 




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I don't know why it would be any different for a judge than an atty.  Same setup.  The only issue may be if your cords are long enough to reach him, but they should be.  I ran into a problem doing LN at OAH hearings (looks like a courtroom but a bit smaller) and I couldn't run the wires across to the attys 30 feet away; so I got the wireless.

Hi, Deborah,

What court reporting software are you on?



Yes.  Let the judge know it is more reliable if you provide a viewing screen and that you can place the day's transcript on a thumb drive or send it in an email end-of-day for him and chambers in whatever format they prefer.


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