Sorry if I'm posting this incorrectly, but...

I'm looking for a proofreader specifically for medical depositions. Experience in medical is necessary.

Please e-mail me your rates, turnaround time and a few references to


Judy Runes
CA CSR No. 5874

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By experience in medical, would that include having been a court reporter at doctors' depositions/testimony? B/c I have it. If you're thinking I'll on the high end as far as rates go, no, I'm not. I'm just looking to keep busy and I'll accept whatever is the going rate in your area. I have proofreading experience, too. I did about a year of proofreading for a firm called Jurist (Phila). (It has since been acquired) I come from a family of book readers. My parents are more highly educated than myself; it seems the only thing I got from them was the love of reading. I am 44 and I've read all my life any chance I can get. So proofreading is something I really am good at. I've sent in proofreading corrections to the manual Eclipse software, and they've thanked me for it. I recently left an officialship which I performed for 11 years. There was some medical testimony every year. Although I mostly did criminal, it added up. You could e-mail me the jobs. And I will e-mail them back probably the next day. I have to warn you: I would ask for weekly payment until we've worked together for about a year. Then after that it's fine with me if you pay every month. Call me up! I'm at (215) 620-3096. Attached is my resume. You can call my old boss, Janet Fasy, for a reference. She always gave me 'exceeds expectations'. I always proofread my own transcripts. I'd enjoy reading your transcripts. And btw I use Eclipse. I also own Cheetah. Or e-mail me at:
Judy, I can recommend my proofreader, Chris Reneger. He used to be a medical transcriptionist, so he's got the medical stuff down. In fact, he proofread the dentist I took for you the other day. He said he didn't have a ton of experience with dentists in particular, but he did a great job.

Chris is really awesome. I am so glad I found him. He's reliable, very intelligent, and catches the most amazing little things. His email address is

Let me know how he works out.

Dear Judy,

I am enclosing my resume letter. I have over 12 years of work as a medical transcriptionist. I have worked in a neurology/psychiatry clinic and now work at a hospital. I am also a trained scopist, and have done proofreading and transcribing. Still looking for a scoping job to get started with that. I work full-time at the hospital, and can work 2-3 hours a night and all days on weekends to get the work done.

Please consider me for this. I have also taken may anatomy and biology courses to help me understand the context of mumbles from the doctors, so I have a lot of training in the medical field without wanting to work with patients.


Dawn Scott
Hello. I can do medical proofreading. I have worked in the medical field for over 10 years. As far as references, I don't have any that could verify my proofreading because I am just starting out in this field. I am looking for someone to give me an opportunity. I will turn it around as fast as you need. I suffer from insomnia so sleeping is not an issue and we can compromise on cost. Please feel free to email me at


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