Based on Glen Warner's recommendation, I call OTEC today, and Alan says he can fix the key situation with the A3.  I'm sending mine in over Christmas and New Year.   I will update you to let you know how it works.  I'm just so happy that there is some kind of relief in sight.

BTW, their website is


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I should proofread my posts.  It was meant to say "I called," not I call!

Don't hold your breath.  My shop also claimed they had a "fix" for the stacking.  It really didn't help.  When I brought it back for its next service I told them it was still stacking, and they said to play around with that dial I mentioned in the other post.  That dial really does affect things.  You just have to figure out where the dial and your depth stroke combined with your writing stroke makes a perfect fit for you.

BUT, if you write back and give them a thumbs-up, I think I just might ship my A3 out to them.  Might be cheaper than getting a new machine.  Even though mine is decreasing, it still drives me batty, especially with realtime jobs. 

Judy, don't jinx me please.  Did yours decrease after the overhaul?  

Not that much, but it did help some.   Although, I will say -- I know, not again! -- adjusting that tension control knob has cleaned it up the best it's ever been, even right after the "fix."

You mean the white knob, right?  The depth of stroke thingie?

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the stroke depth the red knob?  I'm talking about the white knob at the top left-hand side if you pop the hood.  The white one is the keyboard tension.  I turned mine all the way to the left (counterclockwise) and then turned it to the right one turn day by day until I started seeing a difference.

You also might want to either turn on/off your SmartStroke function. 

Thanks, Judy.  I have three jobs on next week, and I plan on fooling with it over the weekend.  I'll get the manual out and do what I can.  I can't thank you enough for replying back.  Fingers crossed that Otec does the job so this tinkering can stop.  Most times I do it it makes it worse, but I'm going to really work on it over the weekend.  I can't stand the amount of time it's taking me to get tripts out due to it.  Nuf is Nuf.

Thanks so, so much, Tricia


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