So all I got was virtual crickets the last time I posted this in this forum, maybe I will have better luck this time.  

I am looking for any words of advice, information about working in the Seattle area, or good firms or not good firms to work for in the Seattle area that any of you Washington CSRs want to offer.  

I have been working in Washington, D.C. for all 14 years of my career, so am curious and interested to see what it will be like working out there.  I already obtained my CSR for Washington State.  I'm a realtimer who is used to doing quick turnaround, heavy page type jobs.  My boyfriend is going to be transferring into Seattle U, so us and the dogs are headed out there :D

Anyway, anyone that can reach out to me would be so greatly appreciated!  Thanks.


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There is one reporter I communicate with that lives in Seattle and she frequently comes to the Bay Area for work because there is very little work in Seattle, according to her.

Have you looked to see if Washington's reporter associations have firm listings or reporter listings.   If you send emails to realtime reporters on their list, they may help you get started with their overflow work.  Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have to learn the hard way which firms pay and which don't.   Best of luck with the move. 

Attend their next convention or an upcoming seminar.  That is the best way to network in our field and one or two jobs from someone you met there would recoup the cost of the convention.

I suggest sending a blast email to the Washington State or Seattle group on this site.  They will know the lay of the land there.

Best of luck to you.


Thank you!

How I got my job (it's tough in Tampa and I hadn't worked in 25 years and rebuilt my skills) - I did an "I'm available" letter, short and sweet, and sent it (and my resume), five one week, five another.  I got stable work. I was intending to do follow up calls, but that wasn't necessary.

OMG, I've never needed to do a resume.  I don't even know where to begin if I needed to; work has always come my way for the last 25 years without an effort.  I guess I could do it if I had to.  I guess I'm lucky.

Kelli, you don't need a resume because you are smart, you know how to market yourself (initially phone calls maybe in lieu of a resume), you're a go-getter.  You putting together this website proves that.

Thanks, Mary Jo!  That was nice of you to say.

I've used resumes infrequently off and on throughout my career, but sometimes they are required and desired, depending on what type of position you might be going after.  I agree that most of my freelance jobs have flowed from word of mouth, but it is actually gratifying to see what I've accomplished over my career thus far reduced to paper format :D

Also I know in the DC area, a lot of firms need reporter resumes to go after juicy government contracts.

Hi, Cynthia.  I'd try Premier Realtime.  Here's a link:



Thank you everyone for the suggestions!


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