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I have a problem.  I did three jobs for a reporter totaling $228.40 in early May.  She pays via Paypal every two weeks.  However, after repeated (over five) attempts to get her to pay my invoices, she has ignored every attempt I have made.  I did the work and expect to be paid.  I was given no documentation for these jobs (they were way late she she was behind in turning them in) so I don't know what agency she works for.  She works in Atlanta, GA.  Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get paid?  Thanks in advance!!

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If you're going to work for an out-of-state firm, you better collect a deposit beforehand! then what's left over, you can send it back. depending on what type of job it is, I would ask for a refundable deposit of 500-1,000.


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