I am 48 and have been thinking about making a career change to court reporting. I am a legal secretary (8 years). Our local technical school recently started a program. I called and spoke to the head of the program. To my dismay he was not very encouraging at all stating it had been his experience that persons of my years didn't do very well as their study habits were rusty and simply couldn't hang with it. I was offended. At first it motivated me. But I have started to worry that perhaps he knows what he is talking about. But, I am not old! I am motivated, very spry - I feel a 'young' 48 (geez, I'm ONLY 48!), I type 72 wpm (I know not an equal comparison, but all I have to go on). I work full time so would consider on line courses (because of the negative feed back I received from my local school). I welcome any input, but especially anyone over 40 who has attempted or completed a court reporting program. Thank you all in advance! Joanne

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Monica & Roda, from what everyone says learning court reporting IS rigorous anywhere. And honestly, if a program is not intense it probably isn't worth taking. Thank you two for your insight!
Joanne: I wanted to share that I started court reporting as a second career. I can't believe that a person who is looking for students in his program discourages people to check it out. I find because I know myself better than a younger person, I was more motivated because I wanted to do court reporting. I was fairly quick going through the process, two years, but I was one of the oldest students. Now I'm 56. I've been reporting for 19 years. I was also a legal secretary before.

I would especially encourage you to find support if you're going to do on line studying because it really helps to talk with someone in person and practice together. I learned the theory and got up to 160 words a minute and started sitting out because I knew that would motivate me more and it did. Everyone around me told me I'm not ready...blah blah blah. It was the motivation I needed. Now I welcome any student who wants to sit out with me to come, as it's so helpful to feel a part of a professional you're getting into. Shirley
I'm sorry Shirley, I got a little confused with your second paragraph. Do you mean you started sitting out (skipping) class to work on your own? And now you welcome students to come and practice with you and your encourage them?

Wow! That is wonderful you finished in 2 yrs! Thank you for the words of encouragement.
Sorry Joanne and you're right my second paragraph is confusing. What I meant was when I was in school, I found practicing with other students and sitting out very motivational. and now as a court reporter, I will any time, take a student with me to sit out because I believe it really helps to feel a part of the profession they are getting into.
Shirley, I'm sorry, I thought I had responded but I see I have not. I can see how very motivational or exhilarating sitting in/out must be. Everyday when I take the mail to the post office I must walk by the court house. Yesterday I thought about your reply and Monica's and couldn't help but wonder how many students have sat in/out over the years. I've seen what I believe were court reports walking 2 at a time, now I wonder if one was a student mentoring with a court reporter. : )
OK, I think I may understand this "sitting in/out". It must be a point where the stundent transitions from one class to another when the individual student is ready for the riggers of constant speed building???
I'm sorry. Pardon my ignorance. I have wondered how a student transitions from the classroom into the court room.
Monica: You caught me! I am from the northeast, presently living in southern California, so sitting in does mean shadowing a court reporter. Joanne, I hope when you get a chance, sit in with a CR. It can really be motivating.
To all of you who have responded, THANK YOU! I cannot believe the out pour of support and encouragement I have received from you all! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
"You go girl" and keep me posted on your progress!!!


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