No love for Facebook here!!!

I'm running a business.  

I'm so glad to see you're back.


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I just looked at Facebook - Home, Members, Job Offers.

It sure is scaled down.

After the thread's run for a while and I've had a chance to check in with facebook from time to time, my opinion, facebook is not the place to run a business.  There is information to be found there, but even confining my friend'ing to court reporters and businesses exclusively, it's much more a social site than a business site.  I must say, Kelli, you have done a GREAT job of combining business + social at CSRNation.  I met you in person at Anita's workshop earlier this year, and you have the kind of go-get'em personality and drive that makes this site successful ... along with the admiration and trust of the participants.  I've already had a few questions about CSRNation vs. courtreporterssite, and try to explain ... but anxiously awaiting the morphing of the two into one huge CSRNation family ... and, might I add, "again."



Well, I must say I am going to hang on to the other site for a while just to ensure I don't lose this one again.  I am a lot more savvy about security than I was before (my password for this website is about as long as your arm) but I just want to be really sure no one will try to take this one again before I merge the other one because then no one will have a place to find out what's going on if someone tries to delete this site again.   I am not about to start from scratch again. 



Don't forget Tech Commandment Numba One:  Thou shalt backup, Backup, BACKUP!!"

Just sayin'.

That's a great commandment.  Can't hurt, that's for sure.  Good thing Ning backs up.  That's what I pay them for.

Good deal! :o)

Did you read the rest of the commandments?

I used to do Commandment No. 2.  Not anymore!!

Definitely a hard lesson that one!

Back in my Navy days, I had this for my password:


I'd screw up typing it almost every other time I typed it in, so I had to come up with something else!

What??  What a funny password. 


After the Nation was hacked, I was told you should use &#@^Y and those sorts of signs when making up a password.  Way harder to hack then.

It was a rather popular song back in my high school days.  Wow, 11 minutes! Good thing I moved into jazz about that time ....
I just listened to it.  I don't remember that song.  Can't say it's before my time since I think I'm older than you are.  Pretty funny, doubt anyone would have guessed that password.
That was the plan!  As for age ... well, your FB page says class of 84.  Mine says class of ... before 84!  :oP


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