Hi, guys. Does anyone know where I can get some Q and A audio to practice at really low speeds, like 20 or 40 wpm? I'm starting speedbuilding in January and the starting speed is at 60 wpm and I don't want to be totally lost when we start at 60. Thanks in advance!

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Speedbuilders.com starts out at 50. I would suggest you start out with reading something and writing as you read. Get on the Internet and find a news article - read and write - then read back. It's free, you're comfortable with the speed, and you are starting out with accuracy.
Thanks, Mary Jo!
Hi, Amy.

Take a look at my article, "Dictionaries 'r' Us" when you get a chance. It talks about basic phrases, then shows you how to turn those basic phrases into one stroke Q&A extensions ... you know, where you stroke something like this:


... and it translates like so:

      Q. What

When I had about six of these under my belt, I passed my first 80s Q&A about a week later.

Hope that helps ... and good luck in school!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Remember, Amy,
a good foundation of steno will serve you well for the rest of your court
reporting career. there is many a court reporter who goes back to
his/her roots of steno theory to improve their writing ability long after
they've finished school and are working reporters.
knowing your steno and where the sounds are on your steno machine
will eliminate hesitate (speed building's biggest enemy) and make
your speed progess seem easy.
briefs only help you to the extent you can remember them.
good luck at your speed progress, and I applaud your interest to learn
the Q & A system so early!!
good luck, keep us updated on your progress!!
kathy hettick
Amy, go ahead and get a CD at 60 if that is the slowest available. There are a handful of programs, some of which may already be on your computer (like Windows Media Player), that will allow you to slow down or speed up. It makes more sense, because you will only be at 20-40 for a minute.
Glen, I am going to have to respectfully disagree. I think it may be too soon for her to be tinkering with Q and A extensions as she hasn't even mastered basic Q and A yet. I have to concur with Kathy's advice about theory. It's your foundation, and mastering it will give you real speed to write any material.
Hi, Tami.

You might be right -- the extensions might be too much ... but those basic phrases should still help. She can always tackle the extensions later!


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