It seems the industry standard for MANY years has been $1.00/pg to the reporter for realtime hookup and something less than roughs.  Although in the last 5 to 6 years the payment to reporters for roughs has come up to $1/pg as well, but I haven't seen an increase in the realtime hookup fee paid to reporters. 


So my question is do you think it's right to charge more for realtime hookup with a cleaned up rough afterwards than just a rough?


Also, it seems I get more and more requests to provide a laptop for the attorney to view so they don't have to either bring their own or use their own and can use their laptop for something else.  Does anyone charge an extra free for providing a laptop?  I figure I have to buy one that I wouldn't normally, but just curious if anyone does.




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I don't understand the purpose of this?  What am I missing?


"Take a scan of the caption w/ my scanner or BlackBerry." 

Sorry, Kerry, if I got carried away or off topic ~ I was just enumerating some things
I've learned along the way in the name of efficiency that I
Didn't know before. I was mixing it in with the Q of "How
You guys do it." Some people may still be jotting it down.
You never know... My apologies ;)


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