I really, really want this!  Baaaaad!!!

Just called about it and found out that even as a Case Cat user, I can get it.


But.... since it's a new product, I had some questions, and the Eclipse person didn't really know and suggested I take it to the forums.


So does anyone have this yet?





My questions:

Do you get a report of some kind telling you who's used it and for how long?

I don't want counsel sharing the password or telling me that they cut out after 60 pages and, therefore, don't want to be charged for the full day of X amount of pages.


Can you use it for participants off-site?  Or only those in the room?


I had a job yesterday, and the off-site parties requesting stream, declined due to the $100 charge via LiveNote.   Wondering if I could have offered MyView ~ "Here's the address/password, Counsel.  Log in via your iPad/iPhone."


I'd love that.


The router:  Do you need their $80 router (that comes with ethernet cable and usb cord) or can you use any ol' generic router or MiFi or WiFi connect option?


I recently set up my own MiFi, which does not use USB.   (I only have 4 ports, anyhow) but I do kinda like how this has the ethernet.  I don't want to interrupt the proceedings due to dropped connections.  


Can anyone share whether they got the router, too, and are able to use it for other things.   Wouldn't they need to charge you for subsequent Facebooking -- I mean, surfing, e-mailing.

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