Does anyone have any references for any scopists that work offshore?  Thank you.


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Send out an email blast to the scopist group with you email address so people can get back to you.

Interesting inquiry.

I'm on DigitalCAT and having trouble finding scopists who want to work.  They don't want to listen to audio word for word.  So that's what prompted the inquiry.

Gotcha.  Have you tried the different scoping/proofreader boards on Facebook?

No, I haven't.  I'm not really a Facebook person.  I was on it some years back and found I didn't really have time for it.  And then I got tired of people sending friend requests that I accepted and never heard from again.  Maybe it's time to try it again.  :)

Hi, Shirley.

Try the Job Board:


There should be a file for scopists in the Files section.

Thanks, Glen.  Do I have to be a member of Facebook to access this?

Of course!

Well, Glen, I now remember why I closed my Facebook account to begin with.  I just don't get it.  I can't even find the files section once I get to the job board.  Is there any hope for me?

There's always hope, Shirley!

Just to be clear, I usually use my laptop for Facebook. I am not a big fan of squinting at a telephone screen ... and Facebook seems to look different on those screens, so hopefully, that's all it is.

As for where the Files section is, here's a screenshot from my iMac:

Note the red letters! :o)

Glen, I'm not a member of the group, and I don't think I can join if it's closed, can I? 

Anyway, on my screen I see where it says, "Closed Group."   But I don't have that line below it that has Discussion, Members, Events, Photos and Files.  But I assume that's because I'm not a member. ???

Thanks for being so patient with me.  :)

You ask to be a member and they will accept you.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, like a few hours.  Usually it is pretty instant.


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