Anyone know the stenographer who was just escorted out from the House of Reps after the vote tonight?

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Most of them were at GWSRA on October 5.  Joe Strickland gave a great talk about life in the House.   Could you tell why the escort?

Yeah, she went bonkers - got up @ the podium and starting shouting "You can't serve two masters"; "This is against God", etc.  They had to kinda drag her away from the podium - news said they took her to hosp. for psych eval.  Wild happenings tonight in DC...... Guess it'll give Joe a great story about life in the House to tell @ next meeting :)

Before anybody takes it wrong - I mean bonkers by taking over the podium - NOT because she was quoting any religious opinions or beliefs - so don't even go there, plz.


What a thing.  Heard the video.  Tons of FB activity on this.  Very very sad.

I heard those who worked with her in the past said she was very, very religious.  So perhaps she had different beliefs, but she should have kept quiet about it.  All those Founding Fathers back then were Masons, which has always been a mysterious thing, secret rituals and such, and ripe for extremist conspiracy theories.  

Just my opinion, but this looks more like a mental health issue to me than someone inappropriately sharing their religious beliefs. I hope she gets the help she needs. Our job is stressful, but I would think her job was one of the most stressful ones in the field. She must be a great reporter to get that job and to keep it while dealing with whatever she was dealing with.

It's all good, Randall.  I agree it has shades of the flight attendant grabbing a drink and inflating the slide, although there now seems to be more of a mental health/detachment from reality issue - making it sad.  But, truly, how could anyone take down these politicians all day and not go crazy?  I know it's a highly coveted and esteemed CR position, but I myself can't imagine anything more mind-numbing and frustrating than dealing silently with Capitol Hill - particularly these days.  So kudos to anyone who would even attempt this job  for multifarious reasons.  My friends have always joked that I shouldn't caption sports (even though I worked in sports television) because they think I would inevitably start captioning my arm-chair quarterbacking tirades D.C. would really be out of the question for me...

I read somewhere she had a chapel in her home.   And I also read she gave a quote to the press that the Holy Spirit had been telling her to make a statement.   So definitely could be mental issues or just really fanatic.   There is so much fanatic stuff out there.  We have a friend who is super smart but he believes the most outlandish stuff about the economy collapsing and govt. conspiracies.   The internet is fueling a lot of this.   In fact, maybe this lady was right but the fact that she though Capitol Hill was the place to utter this shows a lack of something, mental capacity perhaps.

Nutjobs at Faux News now say she was delivering a message from God.  Some say the Tea Party now has their next candidate.  Good lord.  NCRA made a weak statement on the matter.

I felt great empathy for this woman.  She seemed very disturbed.  

Let's not always go to throwing people under the bus!  Something was very heavy on her heart.  Her husband gave an interview that she has been up in the middle of the night very troubled.

SO my suggestion, say a prayer for her and wish the best for her and her family!  

Eh. I've always thought reporters are a little nutty anyway.


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