Stenograph has a new writer? *Diamante* Pictures inside.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

I heard that they are telling their salespeople now and that it will be at the NCRA convention.

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I would think they thought about that (I mean the height). I guess we will just have to look at them when we go to DC or maybe their salespeople are showing them and we can see for ourselves.
lol, show her this, tell me what she thinks :P

I replied back on page 2 that I thought it looked like a turtle speeding away!

Ok ladies, sorry.
Ill stop my silliness :D
I actually just ordered this machine today. It was that or the Mira. I heard a lot of problems with stacking with the Mira, so I decided to try the newest machine. I am kind of nervous after seeing some of these comments. :-/ I didn't even think of the height being a problem! I haven't come across too many situations where I need to put my machine under the table to write, so let's just hope that doesn't become an issue.

Overall, I'm excited to try it out. I'll be sure to let you know what I think once I get it!!
Ooo, it would be so cool if you write us a review! it would be the first around.
I would feature it all over the place.
lots of pictures is a must!
pre-sale price to end of Sept is $4795.00
Yes yes yes. Sarah, you must let us know how the key touch feels, if it's easy to make key adjustments, and if you feel any wrist, shoulder and/or neck fatigue!
Thanks :)
I ordered it too today....can't wait
Cool, would be awesome if you could write a review with a bunch of pictures at some point :D

I will!!
Still a microsoft -- i mean stenograph.
No problem. I should have told you guys. It's $4,995, but they're having an introductory offer with $200 off, so it's $4,795. I think that's the same as the Mira. I should get it in two weeks...I hope! I'll definitely write a review once I get to play with it!


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