I try not to say anything when I am angry - because I usually regret it.  When you call the number(s) for Suncoast Steno a woman's voice comes on with a message, "Hi.  This is Nancy.  Karen and I have stepped away from our desks and will return shortly." ---


The guy (Dave) was supposed to replace the batteries on my Stenoram II and III.  He said he had to order them and will call me in a few days.  No call.  I called him.  Yes, I have the batteries (Tuesday).  What's a good day to come?  Let me check my schedule.  Friday is good.  Afternoon after 2:00 is best because I am usually doing tech calls in the morning.


So I got to the address Friday about 3:00.  A house.  No one there.  Called.  Waited a half hour.  He has not even returned my phone calls.  I understand people working on a part time basis.  But, damn, that was a long drive out there.  No one was even home.  He doesn't even use a cell phone for business purposes.  My guess is the woman's voice is his wife and she recorded a message to give a professional appearance to the supposed-business. 


I started on this excursion over three weeks ago, spoke with him about what I wanted.  I sat this up when I had two weeks of free time.  Now it could be another month before I have new batteries and am ready.

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Yeah, that's super, super frustrating.  There are tons of incompetent, unprofessional people out there.  Sometimes I wonder how they even manage to get themselves out of bed and ready for the day.  I guess they didn't anticipate that you would post about them, though. 

Wonderful thing about the Internet is the incompetence/laziness in businesses doesn't stay a secret for long.  You should go to Yelp and post a comment there, too.   Hope you get your problem solved soon.  I'd ask for a discount for wasting your time.

Does he have your equipment?  If not, I recommend that you use The Steno Doctor, http://www.stenodoctor.com/faq.htm, instead. You would have to ship it, but the turnaround time would be a whole lot less than a month.  Most likely, it would be under a week.

This is nothing you need to regret posting about.  In fact, you are providing a public service by recounting your experience.  This is inexcusable.  I had a similar experience with a steno repair shop in Oakland when I was a student, and I never went back.   A longer drive to Personal Touch Steno (a one-man shop run by Victor Nolasco) was well worth the drive.  Businesses who treat people like this don't deserve your business or anyone's.

What a terrible experience.  They have some nerve.   I've had nothing but good luck and good results with Top Cat Steno.



I agree with Marge.  I have used Top Cat Steno.  I find them very professional and fair with pricing.  

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say that the people at Steno Doctor in Orange, CA are wonderful and always extremely helpful. 

Well, he called about 12:30 today.  Said he had an extreme family emergency.  Funny, the roof guy who didn't show up a few weeks ago said he was in the hospital.  I told him that was an hour drive and he could have at least called.  He said he didn't even think abou it.

I'd give him the benefit of the doubt this time.  I've used him in the past, and he was extremely fast on turnaround and did a great job.  I've never heard anything negative about him, and I've been in FL for many years now, having had several people I know of use him.  But if you prefer to use someone else, I'd highly recommend Top Cat in New Orleans.  Awesome.

Well, the end result is -- I messed up the writer.  I had a relative (very qualified) replaced the battery.  Something didn't go right.  I bought another battery and did it again.  It still wouldn't get the idea.  These writers are TOUCHY!!!  Any metal touching metal - and something will go wrong.  And it did.


Basically, there is a small motor that makes the thing work; JM Steno said the little motor was burn't to a crisp.

Total cost is $250 (including the new battery).


The battery I originally took out, I put that into the Stenoram III I got off e-bay (took less than ten minutes), and that is fine.


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