Okay, I just got this Toshiba in January, windows 7. I first got a Toshiba ultrabook and the mouse pad had a corner that was up not level with the rest of the mouse pad. I could pop it back down flat, but it came up again.

I got it on Amazon. I called Amazon and they didn't have any left to replace it. I called Toshiba and they would not fix it or replace it because they called it "shipping damage" and I didn't buy it directly from them. There is no way this could have happened in shipping. The metal mouse pad was warped. So I just returned it to Amazon.

Then I got his Toshiba and really have loved it.

I was having wifi issues, unstable connection so I called Toshiba at the beginning of February.  They tell me that my laptop's serial number got activated in 2/2012 and was out of warranty.  I call this B&H Photo in New York to have them resolve this, as they assured me it was a new laptop.  They did get it straightened out with Toshiba.

Then a couple of weeks ago all of a sudden my typing is jumping all over the place when I type. And even when I'm careful to not rub the touch pad at all. I called Toshiba.
They asked me if I downloaded any new software or upgrades. I said no. So they say it's some settings need to be adjusted on my touch pad.   Well, we troubleshooted and they said it needs a new keyboard.  Then they want me to pay $25 in shipping to send it in to them.  Who does that when it's under warranty, been used six weeks and I've only had it for two months.

So I wanted the company I got it from B&H Photo to just take it back after all this and they wouldn't because it was over 30 days.  I said I was just going to send it back to them and not pay the Bill Me Later.  They said if I sent it back to them, they would just refuse it and send it back to me.  I called Bill Me Later and they are going to dispute it for me.

Any advice?  There's a discussion on another reporter's site about how Toshiba's customer support and quality of product has really declined.

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Did they by chance say what Model Lenovo she had?

Hi, Kerry.

Well, after searching through the numerous threads in that group, she doesn't appear to have mentioned which model she was using!

She's pretty happy with her Dell XPS 15, though ... and will not be buying any more Lenovos anytime soon!


Hi, Kerry,

I have been buying Lenovos/IBMs since my last falling out with Toshiba.  I ended up with a lemon, and someone told me there is a lemon law in California for computers, thank goodness.  Used to love those Toshibas screen resolution.  I found out, sadly, if one drop of water gets through your keyboard into the computer your warranty is null and void. 

I stuck to the lemon law with Toshiba -- three different parts going out in the first year is a lemon computer and has to be replace with a new       one -- and called and called and called and complained.  I finally received a new Toshiba as a replacement, in a new box, and sold it on ebay.  Yes, I did, and ended up with all of my money back.  Can I replace the time I spent  this one  Then I switched to IBMs now Lenovo.


Be careful with the home repair warranty.  It is limited as to when someone will actually come to your home.  

Best tip for Lenovo.  Wait until after you have the Lenovo delivered before purchasing an extended warranty.  Call customer support, and you will get the extended warranties at a discount of at least 30%, which is not going to help you since you already have an extended warranty now.

I am tough on computers.  I am constantly on mine, so I beat them up and mistreat them terribly.  Lenovos work out fine for me and the prices are great.  I read reviews before I buy.  This one is a Y580, and I bought three -- yes three -- G500 models.  I am going to make a new purchase shortly.

Mary Jo



Mary Jo,

I have not purchased an extended warranty yet.  I haven't even set up the Lenovo yet.  Haven't had time.  Going to try it out over the weekend.  Are you saying if I wait (until when?) to buy the extended warranty I'll get a discount?  Thanks.

Hi, Kerry,

There is no rush since you are under warranty for one year.  Call technical support, their 800 phone number, and tell them you want the price for an extended warranty.  The price is based on the cost of the computer.  There are different numbers to call depending on the model you have.  I have two numbers, 800-426-7378 and 866-428-4465.

I have Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.  Works great for reporting.  

Had a Dell before.  It lasted years, then hard drive died.  Since I bought the extended contract, they came to my house and installed a new hard drive.   After that I used it as an extra for realtime for quite a while.  Loved their customer support.  Never talked down to you and very patient.

So glad you gave the warning about Toshibas.  Over the weekend saw the low end Toshibas on sale, figured I'd get them for my kids for Christmas and use them as "throwdowns" when needed.  So glad I decided to wait.   


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