Can anyone tell me what kind of traffic delays I can expect traveling on the SB 5 from the 57 to Laguna Hills on a weekday afternoon/early evening?  I'm supposed to be in Laguna Hills at 7 PM and am traveling from Ventura.  I'm probably going to take the 210 East to the 57 South and then 5 South, but if someone can give me a clue how long it will probably take from the 57 to Laguna Hills on the 5 at peak traffic time, I would really appreciate it.  Or if you have a suggestion for a better route, I'm all ears. Unfortunately, leaving at noon is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

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I haven't lived in Southern California for about 13 years, but when I worked there and lived in Laguna Beach and would travel to LA, I'd give myself 2 1/2 hours one way.  I'm sure that late, two hours would be enough.

Thanks, Kelli. I appreciate the reply.


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