I'm wondering what types of USB microphones anyone is using. I just got a new laptop with Windows 8 and it's not recognizing my old Stenograph plug-in microphone. Any suggestions on USB microphones?

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I've posted this a few times on different discussions but my favorite microphone is the CM-1000 USB microphone.  Here is the link to it:


I love this microphone so much, I bought a backup.  The audio is amazing.  The best part is you're not spending $300 for the Martel microphones -which by the way, I ended up throwing in the trash because it didn't work - and this USB is about 70.00 I think.

Thank you!!!!! I'm buying one right after I write this, or two even, excellent suggestion!

Karla, I'm curious if you bought this mic and if so are happy with it.

I'm buying it as well.  I have a new HP Envy with Windows 8 and I can't get decent audio.   I've tried numerous settings and nothing helps.  I've been using a cheap Labtec that worked well with my old Lenovo and Windows XP.  I'm hoping this new USB mic will do the trick.

Hi Freddie -

I bought it but I have started using it yet. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed!

If the Labtec worked well with your Lenovo and not so well with your new HP, it's probably the sound card quality.  I'm betting Lenovo has a much better quality sound card than the HP does.

Kelli, could you tell me what compression settings you have your mic set on?  

I just bought this mic and I am getting far from optimal results with it.


Kelli, thanks for this recommendation.  I can't believe the difference in sound.  I just have a quick question.  When you use it, does your status bar area for the audio wiggle or stay fixed? When I tested it at home, I hadn't noticed that it stayed fix, so when I was at my first job with it, I wasn't sure if it was working.  I've always had, no matter what way I've used for the audiosync (the internal audio or another type of USB device) had the movement of the bar till this one.  I have a Netbook with XP.

I bought this mic. I haven't tried it out on a job yet. Just tested it at home and had to spend the better part of an hour playing hit-or-miss with the settings.  PCM 16,000kHz, 16 bit mono is what works best for me.  Audio seems okay.   Nowhere hear the quality I was getting with my dirt-cheap Labtec, but I think it will be adequate.  I worry because I do a lot of hearings and am sometimes 10 or more feet away from a speaker.

Maybe it's a problem inherent with the audio settings on Windows 8.  I've read that they do not allow the customizing that previous versions of Windows have.

I'd appreciate hearing from you when you get your mic set up.

What are compression settings and where are they?

You know, I just don't think the Labtecs are all "that" great.  They're okay.  If they were so great, why did they stop selling/making them?

Is using a mic from a USB port better than plugging a mic into the mic computer jack?

I've always been an Eclipse user and you can find the settings by hitting Alt-U and selecting the Realtime tab.  There's a box in the lower right-hand quadrant of the window with Compression Settings.

I've never had any problems with audio until I encountered laptops with Windows 8.  It was recommended that I use a USB mic and the one I bought is better than using a jack mic, but is well below the quality I was getting with a Windows XP laptop and a cheap jack mic.

I just don't think the newer laptops have as good a quality sound cards as older laptops did.

The Samsung laptop I bought in March has really good audio quality.  The sound recorder quality, even though it is without whatever mic you're using plugged in, is the first thing I check on a laptop before buying one.


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