Desperately seeking Stenocast RED and BLUE units, transmitters and receivers -- the version that does not have to be plugged in. 

If you are planning on trading in your RED and BLUE for the EZ Send, I will buy your units for the same amount as the credit they will give you for the EZ Send.  Once you trade in your RED and BLUE units, they are taken off the market.

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I had a similar problem with the Stenocast blue receivers, both version 5 and 6, with Windows 7 using Bridge.  Had NEVER had problems with Stenocast whatsoever before 7.  It would receive the feed just fine, and then it would flash an error message so fast you couldn't read it and then just automatically reboot the viewing computer.  I called Stenocast and they told me it was a problem with Bridge or Windows.  I called ASI and they told me it was a problem with Stenocast or Windows, but sounded like a driver issue.  Reloaded the drivers and got the same problem.  Ended up buying another computer in the evening so I could take it to the job the next day.  Was doing a week-long arbitration with 4 viewing computers, and the computer the arbitrator was viewing was the one that kept rebooting.  Never did get an answer from Stenocast as to why I had that problem.  Same receivers have worked with the Windows 7 starter editions I have on my netbooks.  I haven't tried a full Windows 7 version since.

I have used the red and blue with XP (on my computer sending) and Windows 7 on the receiving without problems for some long time.  The receivers are matched to the sending signal of the transmitter so can't be interchanged between sets to my understanding.

All you have to do is send in the receivers and Stenocast will reprogram them to work with your specific transmitter.  They have the codes for your transmitter so you don't have to send the transmitter in, just the receivers.  So you can buy receivers from other people and send them in to be reprogrammed. 

Greta - are you not interested in the version 5 EZ receivers?  I have 3.  I just want to buy red receivers since I don't have any.  I'm selling them for $50 each.



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