Chello ~


Hey, we need MORE realtimers in Kelli's group here "Realtime Reporters Nationwide."


If you meet the requirements of 10 years of realtime experience, please join.


And as a side note, if you would like to be contacted about jobs on an individual basis (as opposed to a mass email from the cover depos groups) PLEASE set up your page with some "How to contact me info."  


Thank you!


And I think Kelli would agree that agencies could join the group as well so they are able to send message to all and make job offerings...  Right, Kelli?


Here's a link to the group.


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Just joined the group.  How do I set up "how to contact me" info on my page?  I don't see a place to add that in my profile.

Rhonda, Good Question!   I see you do have your phone number.   That's great!  

Take a look at my page.  You can move those boxes around.  You just sort of click on them and you can make them bigger or smaller.  I've minimized my comments and activity (which is sort of duplicative anyway as it shows up in the right hand feeder column) and have my information first on the page.   I think I used a text box and changed the title for the "About Me"

I'm stepping out of the door to take kidz to school and to my job, but I will be glad to help later today when I get back.


I have had some really, really great and awesome agencies contact me just from my page as they were scrolling through.  And I have wanted to connect with some people here for jobs but there's nothing on their page!   Kinda frustrating!



Well, I'm back from my job, Rhonda ~ I see you got the hang of it!   Your page looks very nice!   ;).
yeah, I finally figured it out.  LOL
We need ten years' experience providing RT to clients to join?

The original post was from 2011, which is a LONG time ago.  You can join the group if you provide the service and feel comfortable doing so.

Well, I have provided about 5 times and just passed my CRR.  Do I feel comfortable doing it?  That is another story! :)


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