What it's like inside a federal court in NY during the pandemic

This video shows the steps that one federal court is taking to keep judges, attorneys, witnesses, court reporters, and jurors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What do you think? Are you back to working in a courthouse or still working remotely?

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Very interesting.  Impressive how they have set things up.  I liked the whisper phones for attorney/client.  I would probably feel safe in this courthouse because Chief Judge McMahon seems to have done an excellent job.  Thank you for posting this.

Ugh!!   Looks like the rest of NY; a ghost town and all boarded up. 

I don't want to make this political, but when Obama was in office, there was H1N1 and the media was told not to report on it.  It was way more deadly than COVID.  This is only happening because this is an election year and the Democrats own the media.

That's fine.  I'm loving working from home on Zoom.  It's great.  No parking to pay for, no traffic.  I totally could get used to this.


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