Do you caption or provide CART services instead of doing realtime deps?

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Yes, I do! However, I spent 20 years as a real court reporter, 15 as an official and 4.something as a freelancer...

I basically have always wanted to caption, so I finally took the plunge and I love it.
I am a relatively new CR student and was wondering about the pay for CART providers compared to a freelance CR. I was working part time as a sign language interpreter (prior to starting CR school-- and I work full time as an accountant), and was wondering about pay comparisons. Thanks.

Hi Jill :)  I literally just joined this group and am looking fror somone in captioning to talk to.  I notice that your post is pretty old, but I'm hoping you might still be able to respond?  I was a court reporter for 14 years, had my RPR, but had to give up my career because of a problem pregnancy.  It's been 8 years since I worked as a reporter because I'm now the mom of a beautiful 8 yr-old little girl with cerebral palsy.  So she's been my priority.  She still is my priority :), but divorce has forced me to get back into doing something to also fill that monetary role.  So of course broadcast captioning seems like the perfect career path for me!!  Even after 8 years I can still write pretty darn good!!  So I'm looking to talk to someone that is already in the field that can give me an idea of the reality of what to expect, etc.  Can you talk to me about it a little??  If so, I would appreciate it more than you know!!!  If not, that's okay too :) 


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