Hi all,

We've been asked by a local university if we can provide any papers or statistics that prove CART is a beneficial service, over and above other assistive technologies.
Does anyone have any idea if such information exists, and if so, where I could get it?

Thanks in advance

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Have you tried contacting NCRA or maybe ALDA or SHHH? They could have statistics like that that would help you.
Thanks Anthony, I've contacted a few groups and I'm waiting for responses right now
How about contacting CARTWheel. They are an organization of CART providers. I'm sure they may know someone to help you advocate for CART. http://www.cartwheel.cc/

Please update us too when you get any info from whatever source. I would love to hear what you find out on the subject.

Does Cartwheel still do anything?  I've been trying to update my contact info on that site, but nobody is paying any attention when I write them.


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